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Music and science in the age of Galileo

Music and Science in the Age of Galileo features 12 new essays by leading specialists in the fields of musicology, history of science, astronomy, philosophy, and instrument building that explore the relations between music and the scientific culture of Galileo's time. The essays take a broad historical approach towards understanding such topics as the role of music in Galileo's experiments and in the scientific revolution, the musical formation of scientists, Galileo's impact on the art and music of his time, the scientific knowledge of instrument builders, and the scientific experiments and cultural context of Galileo's father, Vincenzo Galilei. This volume opens up new areas in both musicology and the history of science, and twists together various strands of parallel work by musicians and scientists on Galileo and his time
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xii, 247 pages : illustrations, music ; 23 cm.
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pt. I. Historical, Contemporary, and Celestial Models for the Musical and Scientific Revolution in the Age of Galileo. Music and Philosophy in Early Modern Science / Stillman Drake. Beats and the Origins of Early Modern Science / H. Floris Cohen. Music and the Crisis of Seventeenth-Century Europe / Alexander Silbiger. Kepler, Galilei, and the Harmony of the World / Owen Gingerich
pt. II. Symbolical and Philosophical Perspectives on Galileo and Music. The Artistic Patronage of the Barberini and the Galileo Affair / Frederick Hammond. Musical Myth and Galilean Science in Giovanni Serodine's Allegoria della scienza / Victor Coelho. Tickles, Titillations, and the Wonderful Accidents of Sounds: Galileo and the Consonances / Robert E. Butts. Galileo and the Demise of Pythagoreanism / William Jordan
pt. III. The Musical Background of Seventeenth-Century Science: Theory, Practice, and Craftsmanship. Was Galileo's Father an Experimental Scientist? / Claude V. Palisca