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Radiohead and philosophy : fitter happier more deductive

Evaluates the deeper significance of the popular and politically charged band, discussing their reflection of leading issues while considering how their music has drawn on the philosophical and existential perspectives of master thinkers. Original.
Print Book, English, ©2009
Open Court, Chicago, ©2009
x, 295 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm.
9780812696646, 0812696646
Anyone can play philosophy (yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes.). Is Radiohead the Pink Floyd of the twenty-first century? / George A. Reisch ; Radiohead, or the philosophy of pop / Mark Greif ; All the argument we need / John Sylvia ; Radiohead and some questions about music / Edward Slowik
Art and belief (Show me the world as I'd love to see it). New shades / Jere O'Neill Surber ; Why such sad songs? / Micah Lott ; "The eraser" : start making sense / David Dark
Radiohead and the music industry (Rainbows and arrows). Taking the sting out of environmental virtue ethics / Daniel Milsky ; We (capitalists) suck young blood / Joseph Tate ; Everybody hates rainbows / D.E. Wittkower
Radiohead's existential politics (First against the wall). Nietzsche, nihilism and "Hail to the thief" / Devon Lougheed ; The real politics in Radiohead / Jérôme Melançon ; The impossible utopias in "Hail to the thief" / Sean Burt ; Where power ends and violence begins / Brandon W. Forbes ; Evil and politics in "Hail to the thief" / Jason Lee
Radiohead, Heidegger, and technology (Our iron lungs). The mutilation of voice in "Kid A" (or, my John Mayer problem) / Adam Koehler ; Why a rock band in a desolate time? / Matthew Lampert ; The signature of time in "Pyramid song" / Michael Thompson ; Fitter happier rolling a large rock up a hill / Lindsey Fiorelli
Radiohead and the postmodern (Not here. Isn't happening). "Kid A" as a musing on the post-modern condition / Bradley Kaye ; Hyperreally saying something / Tim Footman ; Sexier more seductive / Perry Owen Wright