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Parodies: an anthology from Chaucer to Beerbohm--and after

Print Book, English, [1960]
Random House, New York, [1960]
574 p. 21 cm.
9780394415369, 0394415361
pt. 1. The beginnings. After Medieval romances, by Geoffrey Chaucer. After Geoffrey Chaucer, by Alexander Pope. After Geoffrey Chaucer, by W.W. Skeat. After John Lyly, by William Shakespeare. After Christopher Marlowe, by William Shakespeare. After Thomas Nashe, by William Shakespeare. After John Donne, by Sir John Suckling. After George Herbert, by Christopher Hervey. After John Dryden, by George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham. After Robert Boyle, by Jonathan Swift. After Ambrose Philips, by Henry Carey. After John Milton, by John Philips. After Alexander Pope, by Isaac Hawkins Browne. After Jonathan Swift, by Isaac Hawkins Browne. After Robert Southey, by George Canning and John Hookham Frere. The sentimental novel, by Jane Austen
pt. 2. The nineteenth century. After George Crabbe, by James Smith. After William Corbett, by James Smith. After Robert Burns, by Shirley Brooks. After Robert Burns, by James Clerk-Maxwell. After Lord Byron, by Thomas Love Peacock. After Lord Byron, by J.K. Stephen. After Samuel Taylor Coleridge, by James Hogg. After William Wordsworth, by J.K. Stephen. After William Wordsworth, by James Smith. After William Wordsworth, by John Keats. After William Wordsworth, by Catherine Fanshawe. After William Wordsworth, by James Hogg. After William Wordsworth, by John Hamilton Reynolds. After William Wordsworth, by Lord Byron. After William Wordsworth, by Hartley Coleridge. After James Fenimore Cooper, by Bret Harte. After Edgar Allan Poe, by Anonymous. After Edgar Allan Poe, by Bayard Taylor. After Edgar Allan Poe, by Thomas Hood, the Younger. After Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, by Anonymous. After Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, by J.W. Morris. After Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, by Anonymous. After Frederick Locker-Lampson, by H.D. Traill. After Edward Lear, by Samuel Foote. After Charles Dickens, by Robert Benchley. After Alfred, Lord Tennyson, by William Aytoun. After Alfred, Lord Tennyson, by Algernon Charles Swinburne. After Robert Browning, by J.K. Stephen. After Robert Browning, by Bayard Taylor. After Robert Browning, by Anonymous. After Robert Browning, by H.D. Traill. After Robert Browning, by C.S. Calverley. After Robert Browning, by J.K. Stephen. After Emily Dickinson, by Firman Houghton. After William Morris, by C.S. Calverley. After William Morris, by Anonymous. After Christina Rossetti, by A.C. Hilton. After Dante Gabriel Rossetti, by H.D. Traill. After Algernon Charles Swinburne, by Mortimer Collins. After Algernon Charles Swinburne, by A.C. Hilton. After Algernon Charles Swinburne, by Richard le Gallienne. After Algernon Charles Swinburne, by Lewis Carroll. After Walt Whitman, by J.K. Stephen. After Walt Whitman, by Bayard Taylor. After Walt Whitman, by E.B. White. After Henry James, by Max Beerbohm. After Gerard Manley Hopkins, by Anthony Brode. After Rudyard Kipling, by Guy Wetmore Carryl. After Rudyard Kipling, by J.K. Stephen
pt. 3. Beerbohm-and after. Some leaves from Max Beerbohm's A Christmas Garland. P.C., X, 36, by R*dy*rd K*pl*ng. Endeavour, by John G*lsw*rthy. A sequelula to The dynasts, by Th*mas H*rdy. Scruts, by Arn*ld B*nnett. Perkins and mankind, by H.G. Wells. A recollection, by Edm*nd G*sse. Plus three twigs. The sorrows of Millicent, by M*r*e C*r*lli. The blessedness of apple-pie beds, by R*ch*rd l* G*ll**nne. The defossilized plum-pudding, by H.G. W*lls. Post-Beerbohm. After A.E. Housman, by Humbert Wolfe. After Walter de la Mare, by Samuel Hoffenstein. After Gertrude Stein, by Arthur Flegenheimer. After Theodore Dreiser, by Robert Benchley. After Mencken and Nathan, by Robert Benchley. After T.S. Eliot, by Henry Reed. After T.S. Eliot, by "Myra Buttle." After Archibald Macleish, by Edmund Wilson. After Ezra Pound, by Gilbert Highet. After Robert Frost, by Firman Houghton. After Aldous Huxley, by Cyril Connolly. After J.P. Marquand, by Wolcott Gibbs. After William Faulkner, by Peter De Vries. After Jack Keroauc [sic], by John Updike. After Allen Ginsberg, by Louis Simpson
pt. 4. Specialties. The nonsense poems in the Alice books, by Lewis Carroll; with the originals by Dr. Watts, Robert Southey and other hands. Some unreliable history, by Maurice Baring: The rehearsal, Jason and Medea, King Lear's daughter, From the diary of Mrs. John Milton. Fragment of a Greek tragedy, by A.E. Housman. Variations on a theme: Salad, by Mortimer Collins, The poets at tea, by Barry Pain, Variations of an air, by G.K. Chesterton, That English weather, by Ezra Pound and Anon. Reviews of unwritten books, by "Baron Corvo" and/or Sholto Douglas: Machiavelli's despatches from the Boer War, Tacitus's Scripturae de populis consociatis Americae Septentrionalis. Time ... fortune ... life ... Luce, by Wolcott Gibbs. The literary life on the Times: Literary Lost & Found Dept., by Robert Benchley, Speaking of books, by Donald Malcolm, Alf Stringersoll's report on Brooklyn, by William Atwood. W.B. Scott: Chicago letter: Agony, a sense of plight, Gaetan Fignole: Pages de journal. Cyril Connolly: What will he do next?, Year nine. Paul Jennings: The boy's got talent, Resistentialism. Primitivism-English: from Cold Comfort Farm, by Stella Gibbons. Primitivism-American: from Torrents of spring, by Ernest Hemingway. Some excursions into the vernacular: A ballad upon a wedding, by Sir John Suckling, The humble petition of Frances Harris, by Jonathan Swift, Grandfather's old ram, by Mark Twain, Museum tour, by James Joyce, The Declaration of Independence in American, by H.L. Mencken, The Gettysburg Address in Eisenhowese, by Oliver Jensen, The West Point address, by Dwight David Eisenhower, Inaugural address, by Warren G. Harding, The avantgarde vernacular, by S.J. Perelman. Self-parodies: conscious: Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Algernon Charles Swinburne, Max Beerbohm, William Faulkner. Self-parodies: unconscious: Richard Crashaw, Abraham Cowley, Samuel Johnson, Edward Gibbon, George Crabbe, Lord Byron, Edgar Allan Poe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, William Wordsworth, Robert Browning, Thomas Babington Macaulay, Charles Dickens, Walt Whitman, Rudyard Kipling. Scientification (I): The parameters of social movement, a formal paradigm, by Daniel Bell. Scientification (II): Struwwelpeter, a psychoanalytical interpretation by Dr. Rudolph Friedmann. Un peu de francais: L'affaire Lemoine, par Marcel Proust, Apres Balzac, Apres Flaubert, Apres Michelet, Exercices de style, par Raymond Queneau. The oxen of the sun parodies, by James Joyce. Three nonsense plays, by Ring Lardner: Dinner Bridge, Clemo uti (The water lilies), I gaspiri (The upholsterers)
Appendix: some notes on parody, by Dwight Macdonald
[2nd printing]
Signed by Ralph Ellison on front free endpaper