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A holy commonwealth

A Holy Commonwealth was written in 1659 by the Puritan minister Richard Baxter (1615-91), and proved to be the most controversial of all his works. He publicly repudiated it in 1670, and in 1683 the Oxford University authorities ordered it to be part of a book-burning that included the works of Hobbes and Milton. The scandal that surrounded it has obscured its merits as the most candid of confessions as to why a conservative Puritan fought for parliament in the Civil War and gave his support to the Cromwellian Protectorate.
Print Book, English, 1994
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge [England], 1994
xxxi, 254 pages ; 23 cm.
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Richard Baxter: a chronology
A Holy Commonwealth
Adam Contzen the Jesuites Directions
1. There is a God that is mans Creator
2. God is the Soveraign Ruler of Mankind
3. Of the Constitution of Gods Kingdome
4. Of the Administration of the Universal Kingdom
5. Of a subordinate Commonwealth in General
6. Of the several sorts of Commonwealths
7. Of the Foundation efficient and conveying causes of Power
8. Of the best form of Government, and Happyest Common-wealth
9. How a Commonwealth may be reduced to this Theocratical temper, if it have advantages, and the Rulers and People are willing
10. Of the Soveraigns Power over the Pastors of the Church, and of the difference of their Offices
11. Of the Soveraigns Prerogatives, and Power of Governing by Laws and judgement
12. Of due Obedience to Rulers, and of Resistance
13. Of the late Warres. Meditations
Appendix: Preface to The Life of Faith (1670)