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The new Cambridge history of Islam

Volume 5 of The New Cambridge History of Islam examines the history of Muslim societies from 1800 to the present. Francis Robinson, a leading historian of Islam, has brought together a team of scholars with a broad range of expertise to explore how Muslims responded to the challenges of Western conquest adn domination across the last two hundred years. As their contributions reveal, the social, economic, political and historical circumstances which influenced these responses have, in many instances and in different parts of the world, empowered Muslim societies and encouraged transformation and religious revival. The volume offers a fascinating glimpse into the local dimensions of that revival and how, by extension, regional connections have been forged. Synthesizing the academic research of the past thirty years, as well as offering substantial guidance for further study, this book is the starting-point for all those who wish to have a serious understanding of modern Muslim societies
Print Book, English, 2010
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2010