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The works of Mr. William Guthrie

Print Book, English, 1771
Printed for Gilbert Hunter, Glasgow, 1771
xlviii, 347 pages ; 23 cm
Mr. Trail's preface
The author's preface
Part 1: the trial of a saving interest in Christ: A man's interest in Christ may be known: it is a matter of the highest importance, and is to be determined by scripture
Reasons why so few come to a clear knowledge of Christ
Some mistakes concerning an interest in Christ removed
The ways by which the Lord draweth some to Christ without a sensible preparatory law-work
The work of the law by which the Lord prepares his way into men's souls; which is either more violent and sudden, or more calm and gradual
The difference betwixt that preparatory law-work which hath a gracious issue and the convictions of hypocrites
Of faith
The difference betwixt the faith of hypocrites and true saving justifying faith
Of the new creature
The difference betwixt a truly renewed man who is in Christ, and the hypocrites
Of the special communications of God and the singular gracious operations of his Spirit
Part 2: how to attain unto a saving interest in Christ: Some things promised for the information of those who are more ignorant
What it is to close with God's device of saving sinners by Christ Jesus, and that it is a necessary duty
What is previously required of those who would believe on Christ Jesus
The properties and natives consequences of true believing
Objections taken from a man's unworthiness, and the heinousness of his sin, answered
Of the sin against the Holy Ghost
Objections taken from the want of power to believe, and unfruitfulness, answered
Of covenanting with God
The whole treatise resumed in a few questions and answers
Sermons: O Israel thou has destroyed thyself but in me is thy help (Hosea 9:13)
But in me is thy help (Hosea 8:9)
But in me is thy help (Hosea 8:9)
For whosoever will save his life, shall lose it: and whatsoever will lose his life for my sake, shall find it (Matthew 16:25)
Then charged he is disciples that they should tell no man that he was Jesus the Christ (Matthew 16:20)
A treatise on ruling elders, &c. : Preface
Of their names
Of the institution of ruling elders
Of the vocation or calling of ruling elders
Of the duties of a ruling elder
Of the duties of their calling which are more private
Of these duties which are more publick, and which they are to perform jointly with others
Of the duty of elders censuring scandals and scandalous persons, and receiving of penitents
A treatise on deacons, &c.: Of deacons, of their names
Of the institution of deacons
Of the calling of deacons
Of their duty, first of their conversation
Of the duties of their calling
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