Front cover image for Environmental science activities kit : ready-to-use lessons, labs, and worksheets for grades 7-12

Environmental science activities kit : ready-to-use lessons, labs, and worksheets for grades 7-12

Michael L. Roa (Author)
Provides 32 detailed, interdisciplinary environmental science lessons with complete directions for use, including summary, introduction, materials needed, preparation and step-by-step teaching directions plus worksheets and background sheets. Organized into six topical units covering human issues, land use issues, wildlife issues, water issues, atmospheric issues, and energy issues
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Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, Calif., 2009
Problems and Exercises
xxii, 486 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm.
9780470239551, 0470239557
Unit 1: Human issues: 1. Population
more is less. 2. Food? What food? 3. We "auto" drive less. 4. Toxics in the home. 5. Wants and needs. 6. What's happening. 7. Think globally, act locally. 8. Do it
Unit 2. Land use issues: 9. Surface mining. 10. Why recycle? 11. Soil compaction. 12. What price open space? 13. Multiple use or multiple abuse? 14. Runoff research
Unit 3: Wildlife issues. 15. Habitats
the choice is yours. 16. Microhabitats. 17. Longitudinal studies. 18. Saltwater intrusion. 19. Endangered species I
what's happening? 20. Endangered species II
who cares?
Unit 4: Water issues: 21. Oil spill! 22. Water treatment. 23. "Water" we going to do?
Unit 5: Atmospheric issues: 24. Detecting air pollution. 25. Acidic precipitation. 26. Global warming
Unit 6: Energy issues: 27. Food chains. 28. We're all in the Web. 29. Hidden energy uses. 30. "Watts" the cost? 31. Conserve a watt. 32. Keep the heat! 33. Catch the sun! 34. Fossil fuel extraction. 35. The nuclear power puzzle. 36. Biofuels. 37. Energy alternatives
Appendix I: Governmental agencies
Appendix II: Selected private environmental organizations
Appendix III: Helpful Web sites
Appendix IV: How to write for information
Appendix V: How to write a letter to a government official
Appendix VI: Local environmental investigations