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Public opinion and the communication of consent

Comprehensive in scope, this important work examines the relationship between public opinion and mass communication, from critical, cultural, and social-scientific perspectives. Essays by leading thinkers in the field of communication examine nature and institutions of public opinion, explore its contexts, including social and psychological context as well as the role of the media, and discuss the role of public opinion assessment in a democratic society
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Introduction: The State of the Art / Elihu Katz
1. Historical Tensions in the Concept of Public Opinion / John Durham Peters
2. Public Opinion and Rationality / Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann
3. Levels of Analysis in Public Opinion Research / Jack McLeod, Zhongdang Pan and Dianne Rucinski
4. On the Disappearance of Groups: 19th- and Early 20th-Century Conceptions of Public Opinion / Susan Herbst
5. The Industry of Public Opinion / Peter V. Miller
6. The Press and the Illusion of Public Opinion: The Strange Case of Ronald Reagan's "Popularity" / Elliot King and Michael Schudson
7. Propaganda and the Technological System / Clifford G. Christians
8. Social-Psychological Perspectives on Public Opinion / Vincent Price and Hayg Oshagan
9. The Cognitive Revolution in Public Opinion and Communication Research / James R. Beniger and Jodi A. Gusek
10. Opinions, Perception, and Social Reality / Carroll J. Glynn, Ronald E. Ostman and Daniel G. McDonald