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Microstrip antennas : the analysis and design of microstrip antennas and arrays

Complete with an up-to-date tutorial overview of the field and substantial new, introductory material for each topic, MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS combines in one source a selection of today's most significant and useful articles on microstrip and antenna design. Eminent experts David M. Pozar and Daniel H. Schaubert guide you through basic microstrip antenna elements and feeding, dual and circularity polarized designs, modeling techniques for microstrip antenna elements, techniques for improving element bandwidth, microstrip antenna array design, analysis of arrays and mutual coupling, and a selection of other special topics. A convenient source of antenna designs, theoretical and model techniques, and novel solutions to practical design problems, this volume will be essential reading for working antenna design engineers and researchers and a great supplement for students and researchers who have an interest in the subject
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Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York, ©1995
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Microstrip Antenna Technology / K. R. Carver and J. W. Mink
Research on Planar Antennas and Arrays: Structures Rayonnates / J. P. Daniel et al
A Review of CAD for Microstrip Antennas and Arrays / D. M. Pozar and J. R. James
A Review of Some Microstrip Antenna Characteristics / D. H. Schaubert
Conformal Microstrip Antennas and Microstrip Phased Arrays / R. E. Munson
An Experimental Investigation of Electrically Thick Rectangular Microstrip Antennas / E. Chang, S. A. Long and W. F. Richards
The Effect of Various Parameters of Circular Microstrip Antennas on Their Radiation Efficiency and the Mode Excitation / A. A. Kishk and L. Shafai
Crosspolarisation Characteristics of Circular Patch Antennas / K. F. Lee, K. M. Luk and P. Y. Tam
Guidelines for Design of Electromagnetically Coupled Microstrip Patch Antennas on Two-Layer Substrates / G. Splitt and M. Davidovitz
Design of Microstrip Antennas Covered with a Dielectric Layer / I. J. Bahl, P. Bhartia and S. S. Stuchly
The Finite Ground Plane Effect on the Microstrip Antenna Radiation Patterns / J. Huang
Review of Techniques for Dual and Circularly Polarised Microstrip Antennas / P. S. Hall
Analysis and Optimized Design of Single Feed Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antennas / P. C. Sharma and K. C. Gupta
A Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna Using Singly-Fed Proximity Coupled Feed / H. Iwasaki, H. Sawada and K. Kawabata
Dual Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Antenna for Dual or Circular Polarization / A. Adrian and D. H. Schaubert
Design of Wideband Circularly Polarized Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Antennas / S. D. Targonski and D. M. Pozar
Wideband Circularly Polarized Array with Sequential Rotations and Phase Shift of Elements / T. Teshirogi, M. Tanaka and W. Chujo
Gain of Circularly Polarized Arrays Composed of Linearly Polarized Elements / P. S. Hall et al
Optimised Feeding of Dual Polarised Broadband Aperture-Coupled Printed Antenna / M. Edimo, A. Sharaiha and C. Terret
Feed Circuits of Double-Layered Self-Diplexing Antenna for Mobile Satellite Communications / M. Nakano et al
Microstrip Antennas with Frequency Agility and Polarization Diversity / D. H. Schaubert et al
A Review of Bandwidth Enhancement Techniques for Microstrip Antennas / D. M. Pozar
An Impedance-Matching Technique for Increasing the Bandwidth of Microstrip Antennas / H. F. Pues and A. R. Van de Capelle
Probe Compensation in Thick Microstrip Patches / P. S. Hall
Increasing the Bandwidth of a Microstrip Antenna by Proximity Coupling / D. M. Pozar and B. Kaufman
Characteristics of a Two-Layer Electromagnetically Coupled Rectangular Patch Antenna / R. Q. Lee, K. F. Lee and J. Bobinchak
The SSFIP: A Global Concept for High Performance Broadband Planar Antennas / J.-F. Zurcher
Millimeter-Wave Design of Wide-Band Aperture-Coupled Stacked Microstrip Antennas / F. Croq and D. M. Pozar
Multioctave Bandwidth Log-Periodic Microstrip Antenna Array / P. S. Hall
Accurate Transmission-Line Model for the Rectangular Microstrip Antenna / H. Pues and A. Van de Capelle
CAD-Oriented Cavity Model for Rectangular Patches / D. Thouroude, M. Himdi and J. P. Daniel
Analysis of Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Antenna Using Cavity Method / M. Himdi, J. P. Daniel and C. Terret
Analysis of Arbitrarily Shaped Microstrip Patch Antennas Using Segmentation Technique and Cavity Model / V. Palanisamy and R. Garg
Fundamental Superstrate (Cover) Effects on Printed Circuit Antennas / N. G. Alexopoulos and D. R. Jackson
General Integral Equation Formulation for Microstrip Antennas and Scatterers / J. R. Mosig and F. E. Gardiol
A Reciprocity Method of Analysis for Printed Slot and Slot-Coupled Microstrip Antennas / D. M. Pozar
Multiport Scattering Analysis of General Multilayered Printed Antennas Fed by Multiple Feed Ports: Part II
Applications / N. K. Das and D. M. Pozar
Accurate Characterization of Planar Printed Antennas Using Finite-Difference Time-Domain Method / C. Wu et al
Review of Microstrip Antenna Array Techniques / D. H. Schaubert
The Synthesis of Shaped Patterns with Series-Fed Microstrip Patch Arrays / B. B. Jones, F. Y. M. Chow and A. W. Seeto
Coplanar Corporate Feed Effects in Microstrip Patch Array Design / P. S. Hall and C. M. Hall
A Study of Microstrip Array Antennas with the Feed Network / E. Levine et al
Design Considerations for Low Sidelobe Microstrip Arrays / D. M. Pozar and B. Kaufman
A Parallel-Series-Fed Microstrip Array with High Efficiency and Low Cross-Polarization / J. Huang
Input Impedance and Mutual Coupling of Rectangular Microstrip Antennas / D. M. Pozar
Phased Array Simulation Using Circular Patch Radiators / K. Solbach
Finite Phased Arrays of Rectangular Microstrip Patches / D. M. Pozar
Analysis of a Series-Fed Aperture-Coupled Patch Array Antenna / C. Wu et al
Performance of Probe-Fed Microstrip-Patch Element Phased Arrays / C. Liu, A. Hessel and J. Shmoys
Analysis of Infinite Arrays of One- and Two-Probe-Fed Circular Patches / J. T. Aberle and D. M. Pozar
Modelling of Wideband Proximity Coupled Microstrip Array Elements / J. S. Herd
Scanning Characteristics of Infinite Arrays of Printed Antenna Subarrays / D. M. Pozar
Microstrip Antennas for Commercial Applications / J. Huang
Design of Low Cost Printed Antenna Arrays / J. P. Daniel et al
Low-Cost Flat-Plate Array with Squinted Beam for DBS Reception / A. Henderson and J. R. James
Microstrip Yagi Antenna for Mobile Satellite Vehicle Application / J. Huang and A. C. Densmore
Post Loaded Microstrip Antenna for Pocket Size Equipment at UHF / H. Kuboyama et al
A Conformal Cylindrical Microstrip Array for Producing Omnidirectional Radiation Pattern / I. Jayakumar et al
Radiation and Scattering from a Microstrip Patch on a Uniaxial Substrate / D. M. Pozar
Analysis and Design of a Microstrip Reflectarray Using Patches of Variable Size / S. D. Targonski and D. M. Pozar
Active Subarray Module Development for Ka Band Satellite Communication Systems / S. Sanzgiri et al
An MMIC Aperture-Coupled Microstrip Antenna in the 40GHz Band / H. Ohmine et al
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