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Cronica y relacion copiosa y verdadera

An account of the exploits of Pedro de Valdivia and his band of Spanish conquistadores, from 1538, when Valdivia received a commission from Francisco Pizarro of Peru to undertake the discovery, conquest, and settlement of Chile, to 1558, when García Hurtado de Mendoza, named governor of the provinces following the death of Validivia in 1554, continued the colonization of the provinces and battled the Indians. Vivar recounts the arrival of Valdivia in America; his role in the ongoing power struggle between Pizarro and Almagro in Peru; his trip to Chile as governor, where he established many cities, continually faced hostile Indians, and oversaw explorations and discoveries of the most distant regions of the kingdom; and finally his death at the hands of his enemies, the Araucanos. The account includes a detailed description of the clothing, religion, language, food, and appearance of the Indians of Chile, as well as information on the flora and fauna of the area. Vivar points out Chile's rich natural resources such as silver, gold, copper, salt, and an abundant Indian work force. There is also a chapter devoted to the ports of Chile, emphasizing their importance as points of support in the ongoing process of discovery and conquest. Finally, Vivar discusses the conquistadores themselves, their aspirations, tactics and strategies, and way of life
Manuscript, Spanish, 1558