Front cover image for Abraham Lincoln, a new portrait

Abraham Lincoln, a new portrait

Print Book, English, [©1931]
H. Liveright, Inc, New York, [©1931]
2 volumes frontispieces, plates, portraits, facsimiles 24 cm
Foreword/Nicholas Murray Butler
Chapter 1-Fililng the Gap
Chapter 2-Lincoln's Legislative Career
Chapter 3-Lawyer, Congressman, Politician
Chapter 4-Lincoln's Legislative Career
Chapter 5-The Legal Phase of the "First American"
chapter 6-Lincoln More Than a Country Lawyer
Chapter 7-Lincoln's Law partners, Clerks and Office Boys
Chapter 8-How Lincoln Immortalized the Freeport Debate
Chapter 9-The Climax of the Great Lincoln-Douglas Joint Debate at Galesburg
Chapter 10-Abraham Lincoln: With the Immortals
Chapter 11-"Pew 89": Lincoln and Beecher
Chapter 12-From Springfield to Washington
Chapter 13-Lincoln's Loyalty to His Friends
Chapter 14-Lincoln and the Lowly
Chapter 15-Lincoln's Diplomacy
Chapter 16-Lincoln in Excelsis: Gettysburg and the Second Inaugural
Chapter 17-That Man Lincoln
Chapter 18-The Great Anti-Climax After a Whirlpool of Political Vicissitudes
Chapter 19-The Wizardry of Lincoln's Political Appointments and Party Management
Chapter 20-Lincoln's Military Strategy
Chapter 21-What Might Have Been: Let Lincoln's Contemporaries Testify
Chapter 22-Lincoln and the War governors
Chapter 23-Lincolns Spells of Gloom
Chapter 24-Lincoln's Favorite Poems and Poet
Chapter 25-Face to Face with Lincoln
Chapter 26-The Many Sided Lincoln-What Would He do were He Here today?
Chapter 27-Lincoln of Illinois: The Ttestimony of the Nations
Chapter 28-Washington and Lincoln
Chapter 29-Moses and Lincoln: a Study in Parallelism
Chapter 30-Lincoln: The Seer
Chapter 31-Lincoln the Gide to Succeeding Presidents-From Johnson to Hoover
Chapter 32-If Lincoln Had Lived
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