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1 Peter : a commentary on First Peter

Print Book, English, ©1996
Fortress Press, Minneapolis, Minn., ©1996
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xxxvi, 423 pages : facsimiles ; 24 cm.
9780800660307, 0800660307
Includes text of First Peter. Introduction
Literary shape of 1 Peter
Theological shape of 1 Peter
Structure and outline
Text of 1 Peter
Epistolary opening (1:1-2)
Epistolary introduction (1:1-2)
Excursus: Area address in 1:1
Prooemium (1:3-12)
A new life and its consequences (1:3-5)
Excursus: Common baptismal liturgy underlying 1 Peter 3-5 and Titus 3:5-7
Trials in the present, salvation in the future (1:6-9)
Salvation in Christ revealed to the prophets (1:10-12)
Excursus: Apocalyptic and 1 Peter
Body opening (1:13
Lives of hope are holy lives (1:13-16)
Excursus: Imperatival use of participles in 1 Peter
Act in ways appropriate to your redemption (1:17-21)
Excursus: The Jewish proselyte ceremonial as the key to 1:18-19
Begotten by God's word, you must love one another (1:22-25)
Excursus: Background and derivation of 1:22
Desire appropriate things (2:1-3)
You are a chosen people (2:4-10)
Excursus: 1 Peter 2:5, temple or house
Body middle (2:11
Thwarting false accusations by good behavior (2:11-12)
Subordination of everyone to civil authorities (2:13-17)
Excursus: 1 Peter 2:13-17 and Romans 13:1-7
Appropriate conduct for Christian household slaves (2:18-25)
Appropriate conduct for Christian wives
and husbands (3:1-7)
Appropriate conduct for every Christian (3:8-12)
Right conduct for every Christian: bearing undeserved suffering (3:13-17)
Excursus: 1 Peter 3:16a and the Pliny-Trajan correspondence
The suffering and triumphant Christ (3:18-22)
Excursus: The figure of Enoch in 1 Peter 3:19
Excursus: When did Christ "go" and "preach"?
Excursuss: Use of the stem kērug in the New Testament
Right conduct among unbelievers (4:1-6)
Right conduct among believers (4:7-11)
Body closing (4:12-5:11)
Christian suffering in eschatological context (4:12-19)
Excursus: On the meaning of àllotriepískopos
Appropriate conduct in the community (5:1-5)
Appropriate Conduct in eschatological suffering (5:6-11)
Epistolary closing (5:12-14)
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