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Print Book, English, ©1997
Worth Publishers, New York, ©1997
xxxviii, 531 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 24 cm
9781572591417, 1572591412
The Science of Macroeconomics
The Data of Macroeconomics
National Income. Where It Comes From and Where It Goes
Money and Inflation
The Open Economy
Economic Growth I: Capital Accumulation and Population Growth
Economic Growth II: Technology, Empirics, and Policy
Introduction to Economic Fluctuations
Aggregate Demand I: Building the IS-LM Model
Aggregate Demand II: Applying the IS-LM Model
The Open Economy Revisited: The Mundell-Fleming Model and the Exchange-Rate Regime
Aggregate Supply and the Short-run Tradeoff Between Inflation and Unemployment
Stabilization Policy
Government Debt
Money Supply and Money Demand
Advances in Business Cycle Theory
Includes index