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Powell of the Colorado

"In the years following the Civil War, one great region of the United States remained as a challenge to explorers and geographers -- the vast unmapped area of the canyon country and the roaring rapids-infested Colorado River. This is the life story of Major John Welsey Powell, who organized and led two great expeditions down the Colorado to chart its course and collect scientific data. The crisp and readable narrative reflects the color and excitement of the life of Major Powell. His courage and vitality manifested themselves in every field in which he engaged -- as an army engineer, professor, explorer, geologist, ethnologist, and government administrator. Powell's life was one of devotion to the promotion of science in the federal government. He was the leading figure in the formation of the U.S. Geological Survey and as its second director persistently called attention to the problems of the West -- irrigation, and the conservation of natural resources. Concurrently, as director of the Bureau of Ethnology he made many contributions to the study of the Indian languages, customs, and mythologies."--From the dust-jacket front flap
Print Book, English, 1951
Princeton University Press, Princeton, 1951
Americana West (U.S.)
ix, 426 pages : illustrations, portraits ; 25 cm
1830-1846 Wilderness bound
1846-1853 Prairie farmer
1853-1861 Illinois schoolmaster
1861-1865 An arm for union
1865-1867 Up Pike's Peak
1868 Across the Continental Divide
1869 Preparations at Green River
1869 First expedition down the Colorado
1869-1870 Among the Cliff Dwellers
1871 Second expedition down the Colorado
1872 Seeking federal support
1873 A special commission among the Utes
1873-1876 A new concept of the canyon country
1877-1878 A proposal for reform of the Land Acts
1878-1879 Consolidation of the surveys
1879-1881 The bureau of ethnology
1881-1884 Double duty
1884-1887 The survey and science in America
1888-1891 The irrigation survey
1886-1891 Life in Washington
1890-1894 The survey under fire
1894-1895 A philosophy of science
1896-1898 Haven
1898-1901 Truth and error
1902 The last days