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History of dogma

Adolf von Harnack, Neil Buchanan (Translator)
The author first discusses the Jewish background of Christian thought, evaluating the apocalyptic and messianic literature; then reveals the enormous influence of Greek thought, especially Neoplatonism, on the early Fathers. He discusses the Gnostics; the canonization of the New Testament; the Apologists; the great Councils; the development of the hierarchy; the Arian, Nestorian, Eutychian and other controversies; the pivotal position of Augustine; the concept of the soul as the bride of Christ; the celebration of the Lord's Supper; the influence of jurisprudence and science during the High Middle Ages; outspoken opposition to indulgences before the Reformation; Melanchthon's modifications of Lutheran doctrine; the contributions of Irenaeus, Tertullian, Clement, Origen, Cyprian, Gregory of Nyssa; Ambrose, Gregory the Great, Anselm, Francis of Assisi, Aquinas; and a host of similar topics
Print Book, English, [1961]
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Dover Publications, New York, [1961]