Front cover image for It's not only rock & roll : popular music in the lives of adolescents

It's not only rock & roll : popular music in the lives of adolescents

Synthesizing research on popular music and adolescence, this work covers research on music uses and gratifications, music preferences, imagery, and audiences for music. It seeks to examine the impact of music on attitudes and what, if anything should be done in terms of government regulation.
Print Book, English, 1998
Hampton Press, Cresskill, N.J., 1998
xi, 305 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
9781572731424, 9781572731431, 1572731427, 1572731435
1. Introduction
What is an adolescent?
What are the "music media"?
Assumptions, popular wisdom, and bromides
Beyond popular wisdom
2. The nature of adolescence : myths and realities
Adolescents and society
Competing views of adolescence
The developmental tasks of adolescence
3. Equipment for living : adolescent uses of popular music
Time spent with music media
The many uses of popular music
Music video uses
4. Fragmented rock : music preferences and allegiances
Reducing the clutter
Where do preferences come from?
Music preferences and the school culture
Political orientation and music preferences
Is there a heavy metal syndrome?
Rap music and cultural tourism
5. The messages in the music
Themes and portrayals in music lyrics
Music videos
6. Making sense of popular lyrics
Mairzy Doats and Mondegreens
Research on the interpretation of music lyrics
Mares eat oats, on the green : sometimes
7. Did the devil, the drummer, or the "doo-wop" make 'em do it : the effects of exposure to music media
Popular versus scientific conceptions of media effects
Important, limited, conditional effects
Surveys versus experiments
Domains of effect
Academic performance
Mood and affect
Content-related social effects
The process of effects
8. Pop policy : what should we do about popular music?
Government censorship and regulation
Industry self-regulation
Record labelling
Family policy : what's a parent to do?