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The complete works of Chuang Tzu

"This is one of the most justly celebrated texts of the Chinese tradition - impressive for both its bold philosophical imagination and its striking literary style. Accepting the challenge of translating this captivating classic in its entirety, Burton Watson has expertly rendered into English both the profound thought and the literary brilliance of the text."-- Provided by publisher
Print Book, English, 1968
Columbia University Press, New York, 1968
x, 408 pages 21 cm.
9780231031479, 0231031475
Foreword, by Wm. Theodore de Barry Introduction 1. Free and Easy Wandering 2. Discussion on Making All Things Equal 3. The Secret of Caring for Life 4. In the World of Men 5. The Sign of Virtue Complete 6. The Great and Venerable Teacher 7. Fit for Emperors and Kings 8. Webbed Toes 9. Horses' Hoofs 10. Rifling Trunks 11. Let It Be, Leave it Alone 12. Heaven and Earth 13. The Way of Heaven 14. The Turning of Heaven 15. Constrained in Will 16. Mending the Inborn Nature 17. Autumn Floods 18. Perfect Happiness 19. Mastering Life 20. The Mountain Tree 21. T'ien Tzu-fang 22. Knowledge Wandered North 23. Keng-sang Ch'u 24. Hsu Wu-kuei 25. Tse-yang 26. External Things 27. Imputed Words 28. Giving Away a Throne 29. Robber Chih 30. Discoursing on Swords 31. The Old Fisherman 32. Lieh Yu-k'ou 33. The World
"Prepared for the Columbia College program of translations from the Asian classics."
Translated into English from the Chinese. Translation of: Nanhua jing Table of contents. Electronic access restricted; authentication may be required: