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Mesopotamian cosmic geography

Print Book, English, 1998
Eisenbrauns, Winona Lake, Ind., 1998
xiv, 410 pages, 10 pages of plates : illustrations ; 26 cm.
9780931464997, 0931464994
pt. I. Sources for Mesopotamian Cosmic Geography. 1. The Levels of the Universe: KAR 307 30-38 and AO 8196 iv 20-22. 2. "The Babylonian Map of the World" 3. The Flights of Etana and the Eagle into the Heavens. 4. The Sargon Geography. 5. Gilgamesh and the Distant Reaches of the Earth's Surface. 6. Cosmic Geography in Accounts of Creation. 7. The Geography of the Sky: The "Astrolabes," Mul-Apin, and Related Texts. 8. BagM. Beih. 2 no. 98 and the Compass Points. 9. "Seven Heavens and Seven Earths"
pt. II. The Regions of the Universe. 10. Names for Heaven. 11. The Geography of the Heavens. 12. Names for Earth. 13. The Geography of Earth