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Digital typography

Knuth's influence in computer science ranges from the invention of literate programming to the development of the TeX programming language. In this collection, he explores the relationship between computers and typography
Print Book, English, ©1999
CSLI Publications, Stanford, Calif., ©1999
xv, 685 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm.
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1. Digital typography
2. Mathematical typography
3. Breaking paragraphs into lines
4. Mixing right-to-left texts with left-to-right texts
5. Recipes and fractions
6. The TeX logo in various fonts
7. Printing out selected pages
8. Macros for Jill
9. Problem for a Saturday morning
10. Exercises for TeX: the program
11. Mini-indexes for literate programs
12. Virtual fonts: more fun for Grand Wizards
13. The letter S
14. My first experience with Indian scripts
15. The concept of a meta-font
16. Lessons learned from MetaFont
17. AMS Euler - a new typeface for mathematics
18. Typesetting concrete mathematics
19. A course on MetaFont programming
20. A punk meta-font
21. Fonts for digital halftones
22. Digital halftones by Dot diffusion
23. A note on digital angles
26. TeX Incunabula
27. Icons for TeX and MetaFont
28. Computers and typesetting
29. The new versions of TeX and MetaFont
30. The future of TeX and MetaFont
31. Questions and answers, I
32. Questions and answers, II
33. Questions and answers, III