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Introduction to Psalms : the genres of the religious lyric of Israel

"Hermann Gunkel's commentary on Psalms (Die Psalmen, HKAT) - by many considered to be his magnum opus - was published in 1926. But he was unable to complete his final work on the Psalms. The severe suffering of his final months of life forced him to hand over his incomplete manuscript, at Christmastime 1931-1932, to his pupil Joachim Begrich. Gunkel died on 11 March 1932. Begrich put the final touches on the organization of Gunkel's last work on Psalms, and it was published in 1933 as Einleitung in die Psalmen: die Gattungen der religiosen Lyrik Israels."--BOOK JACKET
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viii, 388 pages ; 26 cm.
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1. The genres of the Psalms
2. Hymns
The linguistic form
The manner of performance
The religion of the hymns
The relationship of hymns to other genres
The internal history of the hymns
3. Songs about YHWH's enthronement
Form and content
The cultic situation and history of the enthronement songs
4. Communal complaint songs
5. Royal Psalms
6. Individual complaint songs
7. Individual thanksgiving songs. 8. Smaller genres
Sayings of blessing and curse
The pilgrimage song
The victory song
The thanksgiving song of Israel
The Torah
9. Prophetic elements in the Psalms
The eschatological material of the Psalms
The forms of the eschatological contents
Eschatology's penetration of the Psalms
Eschatological Psalms in relation to the eschatology of the prophetic books
Other prophetic genres in the Psalms
The situation of the prophetic Psalms
The purely intellectual influence of the prophets on the Psalms
The time of the prophetic Psalms. 10. Wisdom poetry in the Psalms
11. Mixtures, antiphonal poems, and liturgies
Antiphonal poetry
12. The history of psalmody
13. The collection of Psalms
14. The superscriptions of the Psalms