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Herbert Govert Keppel Journals, 1892-1898

The collection consists of two journals kept by Dr. Keppel when he was a student at Clark and when he was an instructor at Northwestern. The volumes deal with the study and teaching of mathematics. They include lecture notes from the classes of Henry Taber and T.H. Safford. The journals also contain Keppel's lecture on Wentworth's plane and solid geometry date September 1895-June 1896 at the Academy of Northwestern University, notes from a seminar on restricted conditions in geometric constructions, Clark University, 1894, and a report on teaching mathematics from the "Committee of Ten." The committee included Byerly of Harvard, Cajori of Colorado, Fine of Princeton, Olds of Amherst, Safford of Williams, etc. Mathematical problems, reading notes, and a translation of articles are also included
Archival Material, English, 1892