Front cover image for The designs of Inigo Jones, : consisting of plans and elevations for publick and private buildings

The designs of Inigo Jones, : consisting of plans and elevations for publick and private buildings

Inigo Jones, Richard Boyle Burlington (Contributor), Paul Fourdrinier (Engraver), Antoine Hérisset (Engraver), Henry Hulsberg (Engraver), William Kent (Publisher), Henry Flitcroft (Illustrator), Andrea Palladio (Contributor), John Webb (Illustrator)
Kent notes that his illustrations of Jones's work are based on original drawings by Jones and John Webb, then in the possession of Kent's patron, the Earl of Burlington. Most of the plates in volume I comprise plans, elevations, sections and details of Whitehall Palace. The second volume comprises, for the most part, domestic buildings including the Queen's House at Greenwich and an extraordinary design for a palace on the Thames, at Richmond, with great colonnaded courts and an open circular feature. "The Designs of Inigo Jones was a significant feature in Burlington's campaign to establish a new standard of taste in England: the first, as it were, in a series of visual exemplars" (Millard). --abebooks website
Print Book, English, M. DCC. XXVII. [1727]
Publish'd by William Kent, with some additional designs, [London], M. DCC. XXVII. [1727]
2 v. ; chiefly illustrations (plates), plans : 44 cm
Preface attributes an unspecified portion of the drawings to John Webb
Delineators: Henry Flitcroft (1697-1769) and William Kent
Plates engraved by Pierre Fourdrinier, Henry Hulsberg, Antoine Herisset (d. 1769) John Cole (fl. 1720-1743)
Place of publication from ESTC
Vol. 1: [1], [A]-F, 73 [i.e. 63] leaves; Vol. 2: [A]-D, 63 leaves
Vol 1: 51 engraved plates numbered 1-73; 7 double-page plates have 2 numbers each; 5 double-fold plates have 4 numbers each; vol 2: 46 engraved plates numbered 1-63; 17 double-page plates have 2 numbers each
Chiefly engravings with title page and preliminaries letterpress
Title vignette; engraved head- and tail-pieces, initials
Engraved portrait of Inigo Jones on title page
Engraved portrait of William Kent on head-piece vol. I, leaf B
Additional engraving precedes title page, volume 1
Includes extensive coverage of Inigo Jones' designs and plans for Whitehall Palace, architectural designs by Richard Boyle, 3rd earl of Burlington (vol. I, plates 70-73 and vol. 2, plates 10-12 and 51-53), William Kent (vol. I, plates 63-65 and 67-69) and Andrea Palladio's design of the church of Santo Georgio at Venice (vol. 2, plates 58-63)