Front cover image for Papermaking : the history and technique of an ancient craft

Papermaking : the history and technique of an ancient craft

Dard Hunter (Author)
Discusses every aspect of papermaking --its history, methods, tools, and watermarking
Print Book, English, 1978
Dover Publications, New York, 1978
xxiv, 611, xxxvii pages : illustrations ; 22 cm
9780486236193, 0486236196
Before paper: the writing substances of the ancients
Ts'ai Lun and the invention of paper: the influence of calligraphy upon paper and the influence of paper upon printing
Empress Shōtoku and her million printed prayers: the first text printing upon paper to be executed in the world
The hand-mould: the papermakers' most essential tool, upon which rest the two thousand years of papermaking history
The maceration of materials for papermaking: from the primitive mortar and pestle of ancient China to the improved Hollander of Europe
Early papermaking processes and methods
Paper: a sacred material: the use of paper in the Orient for ceremonies and purposes unknown in the western world
The paper and the papermakers of Europe and America during the early years of printing
Ancient watermarks: six and a half centuries of mystic symbols
Latter-day watermarks: the nineteenth-century development of watermarks into an artistic and technical achievement
Papermaking materials: with the eighteenth-century development of printing, occidental papermakers were forced to begin their search for vegetable fibres never before used
The paper-machine and its inventor, Nicholas-Louis Robert; the paper-machine revolutionizes printing
Printing revolutionizes papermaking, and the world-wide quest for new papermaking fibres begins in earnest
The watermarking of machine-made papers and the use of watermarks in detecting forgery
Present-day papermaking by hand in Europe
Handmade papers vs. machine-made papers, paper made by the ancient traditional methods still has a limited use, but the paper-machine has altered every phase of life
Chronology of papermaking, paper, and the use of paper
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