Front cover image for Narratologies : new perspectives on narrative analysis

Narratologies : new perspectives on narrative analysis

Print Book, English, ©1999
Ohio State University Press, Columbus, ©1999
viii, 396 pages ; 24 cm.
9780814208212, 9780814250242, 0814208215, 0814250246
Not (yet) knowing: epistemological effects of deferred and suppressed information in narrative / Emma Kafalenos
Is there a life after death? Theorizing authors and reading Jazz / Ruth Ginsburg and Shlomith Rimmon-Kenan
The lessons of "Weymouth": homodiegesis, unreliability, ethics, and The remains of the day / James Phelan and Mary Patricia Martin
Cyberage narratology: computers, metaphor, and narrative / Marie-Laure Ryan
Of what is past, is passing, or to come: temporality, aspectuality, modality, and the nature of literary narrative / Uri Margolin
"Speak, friend, and enter": garden paths, artificial intelligence, and cognitive narratology / Manfred Jahn
Narratives of indeterminacy: breaking the medical body into its discourses; breaking the discursive body out of postmodernism / Katharine Young
Toward a socionarratology: new ways of analyzing natural-language narratives / David Herman
Fictional and historical narrative: meeting the postmodernist challenge / Lubomír Doležel
Essential narrative: tempics and the return of process / Gary Saul Morson
New directions in voice-narrated cinema / Seymour Chatman
Guilty cravings: what feminist narratology can do for cultural studies / Robyn R. Warhol