Front cover image for Till my tale is told : women's memoirs of the Gulag

Till my tale is told : women's memoirs of the Gulag

"During the Soviet era, millions of Soviet citizens were denounced, arrested, and imprisoned on fabricated charges of conducting "anti-state" activities. Till My Tale Is Told recounts the testimonies of women whose family lives and careers were brutally disrupted by the nightmare of false accusation, torture, humiliation, hunger, and unspeakable deprivation. The women in this book were fortunate: unlike many others, they survived." "Published in Moscow in 1989 and now translated into English for the first time, the narratives collected in this volume were written illegally and for many years hidden away from public view. Although in 1956 political prisoners began to be officially rehabilitated, their writings were repressed as "slandering the Soviet system." What emerges from these moving testimonies is not only the brutality these women endured but also the extraordinary tenderness, kindness, and humanity they maintained in unimaginably barbarous conditions."--Jacket
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