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John P. Hooker papers, 1932-1965

Collection contains correspondence, election returns, ballots, clippings, campaign literature, memo book, programs, and miscellany. Correspondents include former North Carolina Governor Cameron Morrison; Tazewell A. Eure, father of North Carolina Secretary of State Thad Eure; and J.L. DeLaney, state chairman for Richard T. Fountain's gubernatorial campaign. Correspondence is of a political nature and concerns Hooker's support for particular candidates in the approaching elections. Political campaign materials include sample ballots, petitions, vote compilations, and campaign literature from local, state and national primaries and elections (1932-1951) in Bethel, Pitt County, and the First Congressional District. Of particular interest is a campaign pamphlet in support of Clyde R. Hoey's candidacy for governor and petitions and literature favoring the Congressional election of Marvin K. Blount. Some items concern repeal of Prohibition and the primaries and general elections of 1936 in North Carolina. Of an agricultural nature are papers concerning the tobacco controls program, which consist of referendum summaries, a crop report, a petition, and newsletters on the control program. Newspaper clippings concern various agricultural control programs, North Carolina politics (1936 general election in particular), and the high school sports program in Bethel. Of interest in the miscellaneous items are two isolationist articles distributed by a produce dealer, minutes and other papers of the Bethel chapter of the Woman's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist Church, a memo book containing a brief weather record (1935-1936), and a wholesale jewelry and gift catalog
Archival Material, English, 1932