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Conditions in occupational therapy : effect on occupational performance

Offers occupational therapy students and practitioners an overview of the effects of pathological conditions on their clients' daily functioning, focusing on chronic health problems and their impact on one's physical, cognitive, psychological, and social capabilities
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Case studies
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Ch. 1. Thinking Like an OT / Ruth A. Hansen and Ben Atchison
Ch. 2. Cerebral Palsy / Mary Steichen Yamamoto
Ch. 3. Progressive Developmental Disorders / Janie B. Scott
Ch. 4. Mental Retardation / Linda York
Ch. 5. Schizophrenia / Yvonne Russell Teske
Ch. 6. Mood Disorders / Virginia Allen Dicke
Ch. 7. Dementia / Joyce Fraker and Jacqueline McKillop
Ch. 8. Cerebrovascular Accident / Susan Nasser Bierman and Ben Atchison
Ch. 9. Coronary Artery Disease / Ben Atchison
Ch. 10. Traumatic Brain Injury / Gerry E. Conti
Ch. 11. Spinal Cord Injury / Laura Vincent Miller
Ch. 12. Burns / Nancy Cox
Ch. 13. Progressive Neurological Disorders / Diane K. Dirette
Ch. 14. Rheumatoid Arthritis / Cynthia D. Batts Shanku
Ch. 15. Orthopaedics / Joanne P. Estes
Ch. 16. Chronic Pain / Catherine Heck Edwards
Ch. 17. Diabetes / Joanne P. Estes
App. I. Uniform Terminology for Occupation Therapy: Third Edition
App. II. Medications