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Textbook of veterinary internal medicine : diseases of the dog and the cat

"Now in its 7th edition, this popular, must-have text remains the only encyclopedic resource for veterinary internal medical problems. The internationally acclaimed "gold standard" offers unparalleled coverage of pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting dogs and cats, as well as the latest information on the genome, clinical genomics, euthanasia, innocent heart murmurs, hyperbaric medicine, home prepared and raw diets, obesity, botulism, artificial pacing of the heart, cancer vaccines, and more. The 7th edition combines the convenience of a two-volume printed textbook with the enhanced functionality of a regularly updated Expert Consult website that enables you to electronically search your entire book and study more efficiently. With instant access to the most reliable, up-to-date information available, you'll always be at the forefront of veterinary care!"--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2010
Elsevier Saunders, St. Louis, Mo., ©2010
2 volumes (l, 2218, lxxi pages) : illustrations (chiefly color), color maps ; 29 cm
9781416065937, 9789996062773, 9789996962837, 1416065938, 9996062775, 9996962830
Vol. 1. Real basics of veterinary medicine
Physical examination of the dog and cat / Stephen J. Ettinger
Clinical problem solving: the steps that follow the history and physical examination
the pedagogy of clinical medicine / Stephen J. Ettinger
Clueing in customers / Leonard L. Berry, Neeli Bendapudi
Genome / Kerstin Lindblad-Toh
Gene therapy / David J. Argyle
Clinical genomics / Matthew Breen
Rational use of diagnostic tests / Kevin A. Hahn, Beth Overley
Euthanasia / W. Douglas Kunz, Stephen J. Ettinger
Home euthanasia / Karen M. Kelly
Section II
Hyperthermia and fever of unknown origin / James B. Miller
Hypothermia / Polly M. Taylor
Clinical pain identification, assessment, and management / Patrice M. Mich, Peter W. Hellyer
Skin as a sensor of internal medicine disorders / Sandra R. Merchant
Alopecia / Linda Frank
Pruritus / Peter J. Ihrke
Cutaneous and subcutaneous lumps, bumps, and masses / Didier-Noel Carlotti
Erosions and ulcerations / Ian S. Mason
Papules and pustules / Jacques Fontaine
Scaling and crusting dermatoses / Kinga Gortel, Jonathan D. Plant
Changes in pigmentation / Karen L. Campbell
Fleas, flea allergy, and flea control / Candace A. Sousa
Genital dermatoses / Didier-Noel Carlotti
Other external parasites / Karen L. Campbell
Edema / William E. Herndon
Hepatocutaneous syndrome / Catherine A. Outerbridge
Management of canine atrophy / Didier-Noel Carlotti
Obesity biology and management / Alexander James German
Cachexia / Thomas Schermerhorn
Failure to grow / Sherri L. Ihle
Swollen joints and lameness / Richard E. Goldstein
Body odors / Karen A. Moriello
Ocular manifestations of systemic disease / David J. Maggs
Acute vision loss in small animals / Teresa R. Tucci
Abdominal distension, ascites, and peritonitis / Greg Chambers
Weakness / Rhonda L. Schulman
Vaginal-vulvar and preputial discharge / Claudia J. Baldwin
Polyuria and polydipsia / Edward C. Feldman
Micturition disorders and urinary incontinence / Mary Anna Labato, Mark J. Acierno
Hematuria and other conditions causing discolored urine / Joseph W. Bartges
Proteinuria / Gilad Segev
Anorexia / Marnin A. Forman
Polyphagia / Ellen N. Behrend
Periodontitis / Jason W. Soukup
Ptylaism / Brook A. Niemiec
Gagging / William Gengler
Dysphagia and regurgitation / Carmenn Schaefer Woolley
Vomiting / David C. Tivedt
Diarrhea / Michael D. Willard
Melena and Hematochezia / Valerie L. Case
Constipation, Tenesmus, dyschezia, and fecal incontinenece / Peter Foley
Flatulence / Michael E. Matz. Neurologic manifestations of systemic disease / Helena Rylander
Movement disorders / William B. Thomas
Tremor syndromes / Dominik Faissler
Ataxia, paresis, and paralysis / Ronaldo Casimiro da Costa
Altered states of consciousness: stupor and coma / Karen L. Kline
Seizures / Michael Podell
Peripheral cranial neuropathies / Dominique Paquette
Sleep disorders / Beverly K. Sturges, Marquerite E. Knipe
Cognitive dysfunction in aged dogs / Elizabeth Head, Gary Landsberg
Behavioral disorders / Andre Urs Leuscher
Preventive behavior care / Andrew Urs Luescher
Coughing / Kelly Anderson-Wessberg
Dyspnea and tacypnea / Scott Forney
Innocent heart murmurs / Marie-Claude Belanger, Etienne Cote
Abnormal heart sounds and heart murmurs / Robert Prosek
Pulse alterations / Anna Tidholm
Pleural effusion / O. Lynne Nelson
Sneezing and nasal discharge / Narelle Lila Brown
Syncope / Kristine Yee
Pallor / Theresa Ortega-Simpson
Polycythemia and erythrocytosis / Urs Giger
Cyanosis / Justin Allen
Jaundice / Joshua Ellion
Bleeding disorders: epistasis and hemoptysis / Tracy Gieger
Electrolyte disorders: Sodium (hyper/hypoatremia) / Noemi Benitah
Electrolyte disorders: Potassium (hyper/hypokalemia) / Edward C. Fedlman, David Buchanan Church
Electrolyte disorders: Ca-P and Mg / Patricia A. Schenck
Section III. Techniques
Venous and arterial puncture / Harold Davis
Jugular catheterization and central venous pressure / Darlene L. Riel
Veterinary diagnosis of bacterial, fungal, and viral disease / Janet E. Foley
Fecal examination / Byron L. Blagburn, Jennifer A. Spencer
Ear vein blood glucose monitoring / Melanie D. Thompson
Nasoesophageal, esophagostomy, gastrostomy, and jejunal tube placement techniques / Stanley L. Marks
Veterinary nuclear medicine / Brian A. Poteet
Digital radiology: DICOM, PACS / Brian A. Poteet
Interventional endoscopy/interventional imaging / Albert E. Jergens, Kristina G. Miles
Hyperbaric medicine / Jennifer J. Devey
Constant rate infusions / Tim Hackett, Eileen Sullivan Hackett
Buccal mucosal bleeding time / Catharina Bromel
Ear flushing / Kinga Gortel
Ear flushing / Kinga Gortel
Skin scrapings and skin biopsies / Ralf S. Mueller, Sonya V. Bettenay
Cytology of the skin and subcutaneous tissues / Deborah C. Bernreuter
Abdominal ultrasonography / Racel E. Pllard, Eric J. Herrgesell
Abdominal ultrasound: aspirations and biopsies / Wendy D. Fife
Abdominocentesis and diagnostic peritoneal lavage / Elke Rudloff
Laparascopy / Keith Richter. Techniques for bone marrow aspiration and biopsy / Leo J. "Ty" McSherry
Cytology of internal organs / Amy L. MacNeill, A. Rick Alleman, James F. Naughton
Arthrocentesis and artheroscopy / Mark C. Rochat
Lymph node aspiration and biopsy / Cecile T. Siedlecki
Rhinoscopy, nasal flushing, and biopsy / Mark J. Acierno, Mary Anna Labato
Diagnostic blood pressure measurement / Rebecca L. Stepien
Pulse oximetry / Peter J. Pascoe
Transtracheal wash and bronchoscopy / Brian C. Norman
Thoracic and pericardial taps and drains / Jean-Paul Petrie
Fine needle aspiration and lung biopsy / Lynelle R. Johnson
Electrocardiographic techniques / Joao S. Orvalho
Echocardiography / Marie-Claude Belanger
Cystocentesis and urinary bladder / S. Dru Forrester, David C. Grant
Periotoneal dialysis / Cathy Langston
Continuous renal replacement therapy / Mark J. Acierno, Mary Anna Labato
Gastric lavage / Rober Gfeller, Jennifer J. Devey
Endoscopic procedures for evaluation of the gastrointestinal tract / Michael E. Matz, David C. Twedt
Cerebrospinal fluid collection, myelography, epidurography, and discography / P. Filippo Adamo
Muscle and nerve biopsy / Peter J. Dickinson, Richard A. LeCouteur
Electromyography and nerve conduction velocity studies / Paul A. Cuddon
Brian biopsy / Richard A. LeCouteur, Peter J. Dickinson
Imaging neurologic patients / Peter V. Serivani
Artificial insemination in the dog / Catharina Linde Forsbert
Transcervical cathererization in the bitch / Autumn P. Davidson
Acid-base, oximetry, and blood gas emergencies / Marie E. Kerl
Acute abdomen / Jennifer J. Devey
Cardiac emergencies / Kirstie A. Barrett
Cardiopulmonary arrest and resuscitation / Efrat Kelmer, F.A. (Tony) Mann
Traumatic brain injury / Rebecca S. Syring
Crystalloid and colloid fluid therapy / Jennifer J. Devey
Diabetic ketoacidosis and hyperglycemic hyperosmolar syndrome / Michael Schaer
Gastrointestinal emergencies / Elke Rudloff, Rebecca Kirby
Global approach to the trauma patient / Kenneth J. Drobatz
Heatstroke / Elisa M. Mazzaferro
Hepatic and splenic emergencies / Susan W. Volk, David Holt
Oxygen therapy / Kate Hopper
Renal emergencies / Kennifer Prittie, Cathy Langston
Reproductive emergencies / Saralyn Smith-Carr, Andrew Lee McGraw
Sepsis and the systemic inflammatory response syndrome / Amy DeClue
Shock / Elise Mittleman Boller, Cynthia M. Otto
Systemic anaphylaxis / Lori S. Waddell
Thoracic trauma / Matthew W. Beal
Blood transufsion, component therapy, and oxygen-carrying solutions / Ann E. Hohenhaus
Initial evaluation of trespiratory emergencies / Carol R. Reinero, F.A. (Tony) Mann
Intoxication versus actue, nontoxicologie illness: differentiating the two / Safdar A. Kan. Venomous bites and stings / Patrick M. Burns
Plant toxicities / Lynn Rolland Hovda
Topical toxins / Ahna G. Brutlag
Human prescriptions and street drugs / Lynn Rolland Hova
Chemical toxicities / Ahna G. Brutlag
Pathophysiology and systemic hypertension and blood pressure assessment / Rebecca L. Stephien
Treatment of hypertension / Anthony P. Carr
Hypotension / Lori S. Waddell
Antibacterial drug therapy / Dawn M. Boothe
Over-the-counter human medications / Butch Kukanich
Glucocorticoid therapy / Leah A. Cohn
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory analgesics / Karol A. Mathews
Antioxidants, nutraceuticals, and dietary supplements / John E. Bauer
Compounding drugs / Ron Johnson
Adverse drug reactions / Jill E. Maddison, Stephen W. Page
Probiotics / Mary H. Bowles
Nutritional genomics / Dottie P. Laflamme, Steven S. Hannah
Nutritional assessment / Kathryn E. Michel
Body composition of the dog and cat / Denise A. Elliott
Immunology and nutrition / Nick Cave
Obesity / Patric Nguyen, Marianne Diez
Unique nutritional needs of the cat / Debra L. Zoran
Dental Nutrtion / Phillippe Hennet
Nutrition of healthy dogs and cats in various adult stages / Andrea J. FAscetti, James G. Morris, Quinton R. Rogers
Neonatal and pediatric nutrition / Johnny D. Hoskins
Nutrition-related skeletal disorders / Todd L. Towell
Adverse reactions to foods: allergies versus intolerance / Philip Roudebush
Nutritional management of gastrointestinal conditions / Debra L. Zoran
Nutritional management of hepatic conditions / Craig G. Ruaux
Nutritional management of endocrine disease / Sean J. Delaney, Sally C. Perea
Nutritional modulation of heart disease / Lisa M. Freeman, John E. Rush
Nutritional management of the lower urinary tract conditions / Denise A. Elliott
Perenteral nutrtional support / Daniel L. Chan
Nutritional management of renal conditions / Joseph W. Bartges
Dietary and medicial considerations in hyperlipidemia / Denise A. Elliot, Patricia A. Schenck
Principles and implementation of enteral nutrition / Stanley L. Marks
Home prepared and raw diets / Sally C. Perea, Sean J. Delaney
Problem-oriented differential diagnosis of autoimmune skin diseases / Karen A. Moriello
Immune-mediated diseases and therapies / Oliver A. Garden
Immune-mediated and infective arthritis / David Bennett
Canine and feline osteoarthritis / David Bennett
Immune-mediated thrombocytopenia, von Willebrand disease, and platelet disorders / Marjory B. Brooks, James L. Catalfamo
Systemic lupus erythematosus / Michael Stone
Nonregenerative anemia / Anthony Abrams-Ogg
Acquired coagulopathies / Marilyn E. Dunn
Leukocytes in health and disease / Marion L. Jackson
Diseases of the spleen / Helio Autran de Morais, David J. Argyle, Robert T. O'Brien
Skeletal disases / Kenneth A. Johnson
Companion animal vaccines and vaccination / Richard B. Ford
Leptospirosis / Richard E. Goldstein
Lyme disease / Richard E. Goldstein
Mycobacterial infections in cats and dogs / Danielle A. Gunn-Moore
Brucellosis / R. Bruce Hollett
Tetanus / Andrea Fischer, Katrin Hartmann
Botulism / Andrea Fischer
Canine Bartonella / Edward B. Breitschwerdt
Feline bartonella / Lynn F. Guptill
Myocbacterial infections in cats and dogs / Danielle A. Gunn-Moore
Brucellosis / R. Bruce Hollett
Tetanus / Andrea Fischer, Katrin Hartmann
Botulism / Andrea Fischer
Canine bartonella / Edward B. Breitschwerdt
Feline Bartonella / Lynn F. Guptill
Ehrlichia, anaplasmosis, rocky mountain spotted fever, and neorickettsial infection / Jane E. Sykes
Protozoal infections / Michael R. Lapin
Enteric bacterial disease / Stanley L. Marks
Hemoplasmosis / Jane E. Sykes
Nosocomial infection and resistant bacteria / Amanda K. Boag
Feline immunodeficiency virus / Julie K. Levy, P. Gynda Crawford
Feline leukemia virus / Julie K. Levy, P. Gynda Crawford
Feline infectious peritonitis and feline coronavirus infection / Katrin Hartmann
Other feline viral diseases / Rosalind M. Gaskell, Susan Dawson, Alan Radford
Rabies / Cathleen A. Hanlon
Canine viral diseases / P. Cynda Crawford, Rance K. Sellon
Histoplasmosis, blastomycosis, sporotrichosis, candidiasis, pythiosis, and lagenidiosis / Joseph Taboada, Amy M. Grooters
Cryptococcosis / Joseph Taboada, Amy M. Grooters
Coccidioidomycosis / Autumn P. Davidson
Aspergillosis / Autumn P. Davidson
Tropical diseases / Remo Lobetti
Zoonotic disease problems / Karen Ehnert
Diseases of the ear / MaryAnn G. Radlinsky, Diane E. Mason
Diseases of the nose and nasal sinuses / Anjop J. Venker-van Haagen, Michael E. Herrtage
Diseases of the throat / Nolie K. Parnell
Tumors of the mouth, head, and neck / Ravinder S. Dhaliwal, James M.G. Anthony. Vol. 2
Clinical evaluation of the respiratory tract / Deborah C. Silverstein, Kenneth J. Drobatz
Diseases of the trachea and upper airways / Stephen J. Ettinger
Tracheal stenting in collapsed trachea / Chick Weisse, Allyson C. Berent
Pulmonary parenchymal disease / Leah A. Cohn
Mediastinal disease / David S. Biller, Martha Moon Larson
Pleural and estrapleural diseases / Lori L. Ludwig, Amelia M. Simpson, Eveline Hann
Pulmonary hypertensin and pulmonary thromboembolism / Heidi B. Kellihan
Pathophysiology of heart failure / D. David Sisson
Electrocardiography and cardiac arrhythmias / Etienne Cote
Biomarkers of cardiovascular disease / Robert Prosek, Stephen J. Ettinger
Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of canine chronic valvular heart disease / Stephen J. Ettinger
Inotropes: inodilators / Virginia Luis Fuentes
Beta blocking agents / Sunya G. Gordon
Calcium channel blockers / Anna Tidholm
Diuretics / Nick A. Schroeder
Bronchodilators / Kirstie A. Barrett
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and vasodilators / Barret J. Bulmer
Aldosterone inhibitors / Simon Swift
Therapy of arrhythmias / Stephen J. Ettinger
Cough suppressants and sedation of the cardiac patient / Rebecca E. Gompf
Anesthesia for the cardiac patient / Leigh G. Griffiths
Artificial pacing of the heart / Amara H. Estrada
Congenital heart disease / Mark A. Oyama, D. David Sisson, William P. Thomas, John D. Bonagura
Acquired valvular heart disease / Lisbeth Hoier Olsen, Jens Haggstrom, Henrick Duelund Petersen
Myocardial disease: canine / Kathryn M. Meurs
Myocardial disease: feline / Kirstin Macdonald
Pericardial diseases / Anthony H. Tobias
Heartworm Disease / Clarke Atkins
Arterial thromboembolic disease / Daniel F. Hogan
Venous and lymphatic disorders / Jean-Paul Petrie
Neurophysiology / Rodney S. Bagley
Neurologic examination and neuroanatomic diagnosis / Scott J. Schatzberg
Brain Disease / Dennis P. O'Brien, Joan R. Coates
Vetibular disease / Veronique Sammut
Inflammatory infectious, and other multifocal brain diseases / Curtis W. Dewey
Diseases of the spinal cord / Richard A. LeCouteur, Jacqueline L. Grandy
Peripheral nerve disorders / Christopher L. Mariani
Disorders of skeletal muscles / Sofia Cerda-Gonzalez
Neuromuscular junctional disease / Christopher L. Mariani
Oral and salivary gland disorders / Kendall Taney, Mark M. Smith
Diseases of the esophagus / Albert E. Jergens
Host-microbial interactions in gastrointestinal health / Albert E. Jergens
Diseases of the stomach / Kenneth W. Simpson
Diseases of the small intestine / Edward J. Hall, Alexander James German
Diseases off the large intestine / Karin Allenspach
Rectoanal disease / Melanie Craven
World Small Aniamal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) guidelines / Claudio Brovida, Jim Rothuizen. General principles in the treatment of liver disease / Jan Rothuizen
Inflammatory canine heptic disease / Michael D. Willard
Feline inflammatory livery disease / Andrea M. Harvey, Timonthy J. Gruffydd-Jones
Hepatic vascular anomalies / Allyson C. Berent, Chick Weisse
Toxic, metabolic, infectious, and neoplastic liver diseases / Margie A. Scherk, Sharan A. Center
Diseases of the galbladder and extrahepatic biliary system / Ale Aguirre
Canine pancreatic disease / Jorg M. Steiner
Feline pancreatic disease / Robert J. Wasabau
Growth hormone disorders: acromegally and pituitary dwarfism / Hans S. Kooistra
Diabetes insipidus / Ad Rijnberk
Disorders of the parathyroid glands / Edward C. Feldman
Hypothyroidism / J. Catharine Feldman
Hypothyroidism / J. Catherine R. Scott-Moncrieff
Hyperthyroidism / Carmel T. Mooney
Insulin-secreting islet cell neoplasia / Rebecka S. Hess
Canine diabetes mellitus / Richard W. Nelson
Feline diabetes mellitus / Claudia Reusch
Hyperadrenocorticism in dogs / Carlos Melian, M. Dolores Perez-Alenza, Mark E. Peterson
Hypercortisolism in cats (Feline Cushing's Syndrom) / Thomas K. Graves
Hypoadrenocorticism / J. Catharine R. Scott-Moncrieff
Gastrointestinal endocrine disease / Cynthia R. Ward
Pheochromocytoma / Melissa Herrera, Richard W. Nelson
Estrous cycle and breeding management of the healthy bitch / Auke C. Schaefers-Okkens
Ovarian and estrous cycle abnormalitiies / Autumn P. Davidson, Edward C. Feldman
Abnormalities in canine pregnancy, parturition, and periparturient period / Catharina Linde Forsberg
Effect of age at the time of spay or castration on long-term health of dogs and cats / Margaret V. Root Kustritz
Contraception and pregnancy termination in the dog and cat / Bruce E. Eilts
Cystic endometrial hyperplasia and pyometria / Luisa Mateus, Bruce E. Eilts
Canine female infertility / Gary C.W. England
Vaginal disorders / Beverly J. Purswell
Breeding soundness examination of the stud dog / Walter R. Threlfall
Feline reproduction / Anne M. Traas
Care of the neonate and fading pups / Gary C.W. England
Clinical approach and laboraory evaluation of renal disease / Stephen P. DiBartola
Acute uremia / Cathy Langston
Renal transplantation / Cathy Langston, Lillian R. Aronson
Chronic kidney disease / David J. Polzin
Glomerular diseases / Shelly L. Vaden
Urinary tract infections / Barrak Pressler, Joseph W. Bartges
Prostatic diseases / Thierry Francey
Familial renal disease in dogs / George E. Lees
Renal tubular diseases / Marie E. Kerl. Lower urinary tract disorders in cats / Jodi L. Westropp, C.A. Tony Buffington
Canine ureteral and lower urinary tract diseases / Larry G. Adams, Harriet M. Syme
Biomarkers and "omics," / Nancy Emenaker, Jacob Kagan
Principles of chemotherapy / Angela E. Frimberger
Practical chemotherapy / Antony S. Moore
Cancer vaccines and immunotherapy / Philip J. Bergman
Practical radiation therapy / Alain P. Theon
Hematropoitic tumors / David M. Vail
Tumors of the skin / Kenneth M. Rassnick
Soft-tissue sarcomas / Margaret C. McEntee
Hemangiosarcoma / Philip J. Bergman
Bone and joint tumors / Julius M. Liptak
Mast cell disease / Renita S. Rogers
Feline injection-site sarcoma / Johannes Hirschberger, Cornelia Huttinger
Canine and feline histocytic diseases / Peter F. Moore, Verena K. Affolter
Urogenital and mammary gland tumors / Ruthanne Chun, Laura D. Garrett
Paraneoplastic syndromes / Carolyn J. Henry