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God-apes and fossil men : paleoanthropology of South Asia

"Until recently, the scientific study of the prehistoric peoples of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the south Asian borderlands was limited to cursory comments in popular literature about archaeological discoveries. Now, pioneering a new approach involving the integration of archaeological, paleontological, ecological, and anthropological data, Kenneth A.R. Kennedy offers important new theories on the origins of humans in South Asia that highlight the significance of anthropoid ape fossils recovered from the Siwalik hills (the "God-Apes"). Kennedy's careful detailing of the story of human life and his unique theoretical approach combine to offer a broad survey of the prehistoric cultures of the Indian subcontinent from Paleolithic to Iron Age times that should serve as a model for future studies of ancient peoples and places."--Jacket
Print Book, English, ©2000
University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, ©2000
xvii, 480 pages : illustrations, maps ; 27 cm
9780472110131, 0472110136
Ch. 1. This Land of Bharata
Ch. 2. Establishing the Archaeological Record
Ch. 3. Paleontology and Evolution
Ch. 4. The Aryan Hordes
Ch. 5. The God-Apes of the Siwalik Hills
Ch. 6. The Earliest Evidence of Hominid Settlement in Pleistocene South Asia
Ch. 7. Mileposts in the Paleolithic Journey
Ch. 8. Fossil Hominids of the South Asian Pleistocene
Ch. 9. Post-Pleistocene Landscapes and Cultural Chronology
Ch. 10. Mesolithic Hunter-Foragers
Ch. 11. The Skeletal Record of Mesolithic Populations
Ch. 12. Early Farmers and Pastoralists
Ch. 13. The Skeletal Record of Early Farming and Pastoral Populations
Ch. 14. The Harappan Civilization
Ch. 15. The Harappan Heritage
Ch. 16. The Megalith Builders
Ch. 17. Where Did All the Races Go?
Ch. 18. Conspectus