Front cover image for The condor's shadow : the loss and recovery of wildlife in America

The condor's shadow : the loss and recovery of wildlife in America

"The vast majority of American forests, prairies, and rivers have been logged, plowed, dammed, or developed. Hundreds of species have vanished completely and many others are now in danger. And yet, in some areas there are more acres of forests now than at the turn of the century, and many of our lakes and rivers are cleaner today than they were twenty years ago. What exactly is the state of wildlife in America today?" "The Condor's Shadow attempts to make sense of these complex, and often contradictory, patterns of change. Synthesizing the many diverse elements that make up our ecological landscape, David Wilcove provides a unique and comprehensive overview of where we stand today and how we got there." "Exploring the cycles of loss and recovery that have characterized many North American ecosystems over the past two centuries and especially during the last fifty years, The Condor's Shadow examines the factors that determine a species' vulnerability to extinction and reveals the unanticipated, even improbable, consequences of removing even a small part of any ecosystem."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2000
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Anchor Books, New York, 2000