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Shakespeare's Ovid : the Metamorphoses in the plays and poems

"Ovid's great poem, the Metamorphoses, was a source of life-long fascination and inspiration for Shakespeare. He drew on its great myths throughout his career: in early works like Venus and Adonis and Titus Andronicus, works of the middle period like A Midsummer Night's Dream and Twelfth Night, and late plays such as The Winter's Tale and The Tempest. This book provides a comprehensive examination of his use of Ovid's poem with contributions from leading international scholars. It begins by examining the use of Ovid's myth in early Elizabethan literature, a use dramatically changed by Marlowe and Shakespeare himself. It then offers detailed readings of Shakespeare's use of Ovid in a wide range of plays and poems, placing new emphasis on several important but hitherto underestimated features. The book also provides the first survey of twentieth-century criticism and methodology in the field."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2000
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2000
xii, 219 pages ; 24 cm
9780521771924, 0521771927
Notes on contributors; List of abbreviations and note on the text; Introduction; Part I. The Background to Shakespeare's Ovid: 1. Myths exploited: the metamorphoses of Ovid in early Elizabethan England Robert Maslen; 2. Ovid 'renascent' in Venus and Adonis and Hero and Leander John Roe; Part II. The Metamorphoses in the Plays and Poems: 3. 'And love you 'gainst the nature of love': Ovid, rape, and The Two Gentlemen of Verona William C. Carroll; 4. Animals in 'manly shape as too the outward showe': moralizing and metamorphosis in Titus Andronicus A. B. Taylor; 5. Venus and Adonis and Ovidian indecorous wit Pauline Kiernan; 6. Ovid, Petrarch, and Shakespeare's Sonnets Gordon Braden; 7. Pyramus and Thisbe in Shakespeare and Ovid Niall Rudd; 8. Niobe and the Nemean Lion: reading Hamlet in the light of Ovid's Metamorphoses Yves Peyre; 9. The Winter's Tale: Ovid transformed A. D. Nuttall; 10. Ovid, Golding, and the 'rough magic' of The Tempest Raphael Lyne; 11. Ovidian v(o)ices in Marlowe and Shakespeare: the Actaeon variations Francois Laroque; Part III. Shakespeare's Ovid in the Twentieth Century: 12. Shakespeare's Ovid in the twentieth century: a critical survey John Velz; List of works cited; 13. Shakespeare's Ovid, Ovid's Shakespeare: a methodological postscript Charles Martindale; Index. Sample text Publisher description Table of contents