Front cover image for Neil Young's Greendale

Neil Young's Greendale

"It's early 2003, and America's march to war seems unstoppable. Yet you'd never know it in the quiet northern California town of Greendale, where eighteen-year-old Sun Green-- great-grandaughter of the man who helped carve this community out of the sweeping western coast-- lives, loves and dreams. Sun is different from most other kids. Always has been. The women in her family have all had a strange relationships with nature. But in almost every instance, this relationship has turned tragic. And on the day the bombs began to drop half a world away, a stranger arrives in town that only Sun can see. A stranger who's come to shake her very existence-- by destroying everything she loves ... an inspiring American fable about a young woman's political coming of age-- all infused with a special brand of magic"--Page 4 of cover
Print Book, English, 2010
DC Comics, New York, 2010