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American technology

This volume offers a collection of ten key essays selected from contemporary historical scholarship with coverage ranging from the the colonial period to the modern day. The essays add up to an exploration of major technological themes in American history.
Print Book, English, 2001
Blackwell, Malden, Mass., 2001
x, 362 pages ; 24 cm.
9780631219965, 9780631219972, 063121996X, 0631219978
Ch. 1. Early American tecnological possessions. "So much depends upon a Red wheelbarrow": Agricultural tool owndership in the Eighteenth-century Mid-Atlantic / Judith A. McGaw
Document A: American Colonial wealth: documents and methods / Alice Hanson Jones
Ch. 2. Fighting tecnological change. Dam-breaking in the 19th-century Merrimack Valley: water, social conflict, and the Waltham-Lowell Mills / Theodore L. Steinberg
Document A: Winnipisiogee Lake Company v. Worster
Document B: Great Falls v. James Worster
Ch. 3. The workplace as an ecological system. Working environments: an ecological approach to industrial health and safety / Arthur F. McEvoy
document A: Nicholas Farwell v. The Boston and worcester Rail Road Corporation
Document B: Is it safe to work? A Study of industrial accidents / Edison L. Bowers
Document C: Edward J. Beshada v. Johns-Manville Products Corporation
Ch. 4. Sexuality, women, and the social camouflage of technology. Socially camouflaged technologies: the case of the electromechanical vibrator / Rachel Maines
Document A: Improvement in medical rubbing apparaturs / George H. Taylor
Document B: Mechanical vibration and its therapeutic application / M.L.H. Arnold Snow
Document C: a brief guide to vibratory technique / Noble M. Eberhart
Document D: Profitable office specialities / A. Dale Covey
Document E: Enjoy life!
Ch. 5. The culture of engineers. Local history and national culture: notions on engineering professionalism in America / Bruce Sinclair
Document A: Some notes on vocational guidance / J.A.L. Waddell
Document B: unemplyed engineers, 1932 / J.P.H. Perry
Ch. 6. Technology on the farm
Out of the barns and into the kitchens: transformations in farm women's work in the first half of the twentieth century / Christine Kleinegger
Document A: Social and labor needs of farm women
Document B: Power on the farm / Guy E. Tripp
Document C: The farm house / Newell Leroy Sims
Ch. 7. "Selling" nuclear energy. Advertising the Atom / Michael smith
Document A: Atomic power development and private enterprise
Document B: Environmental effects of producing electric power
Document C: Nuclear public relations campaign
Ch. 8 Race and technological change. Race and tecnology: African American women in the Bell System, 1945-1980 / Venus Green
Document A: It's the wrong hat!
Document B: Telephone industry employment by race and sex, 1930-1970
Ch. 9. Appropriate technologies. The rise and fall of the appropriate technology movement in the United States, 1965-1985 / Carroll Pursell
Document A: Technical assistance for the underdeveloped areas of the world
Document B: Purpose, organizations, and activities / State of California Office of Appropirate Technology
Document D: An introduction and a history? National Center for appropriate technology
Document E: Solar energy research: making solar after the Nuclear model? / Allen L. Hammond and William D. Metz
Ch. 10. Toward Technoliteracy
Hacking away at the counterculture / Andrew Ross