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Birds of passage : migrant labor and industrial societies

Monograph analysing rural migration from developing countries to developed countries, with particular reference to the USA - looks at the relationship between migration patterns, labour supply and labour demand, unemployment and wage determination, etc., and discusses migration policy regarding immigration from Latin American and Caribbean countries together with the history of European migration to the usa. Bibliography pp. 211 to 217 and statistical tables
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Machine derived contents note: 1. Introduction; 2. The jobs; 3. The migrants; 4. Particular characteristics of the migrant labour market; 5. The impact of migration on the place of origin; 6. The historical evolution of long-distance migration in the United States; 7. The dilemmas of current U.S. immigration policy <img src="/screens/gifs/go4.gif" alt="Go button" border="0" width="21" height="21" hspace="7" align="middle"> View this e-book online Reading advice (software, printing, accessibility, privacy)