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Family papers, 1848-1902

Papers include political correspondence prior to the Civil War and letters relating to the publishing of the Knoxville Whig. The major protion of the correspondence relates to W.G. Brownlow's governorship. Some letters are from the time of his service in the U.S. Senate. Among the more prominent correspondents are Samuel Mayes Arnell, John Bell, Joseph E. Brown, Ambrose Burnside, Schuyler Colfax, Horace Maynard, Oliver Perry Temple, George Thomas. Within the John Bell Brownlow papers are various letters dealing with his political problem as a patronage employee in Washington. Notable correspondents within this section are William H. Carroll, Nathaniel G. Taylor, and William Gibbs MacAdoo. Within the correspondence of others are letters relating to the early days of the Civil War in East Tennessee and to Reconstruction in Tennessee. Within this section notable correspondents are John Morgan Bright, Wiliam B. Campbell, and Leonidas C. Houk
Manuscript, English, 1848