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Target : special victims of the Holocaust

Target reveals the untold story of how the Nazi killing machine focused its murderous fury on one branch of the Jewish nation to the virtual exclusion of the second branch. You'll learn how Nazi round-ups selected all Ashkenazic Jews in areas they controlled and turned their backs on Sephardim. In Holland, they even issued special passes that protected the Sephardim from being arrested or harrassed in any way. You'll read about Nazi racial theories used to justify their selections and learn the obscured truth about the strange and divergent histories of the two major branches of the Jewish people.Target is a fully documented book that sheds new light on the Holocaust, its historical roots and its aftermath. Addressing the questions of race, religion and ethnic identity, it offers new insights into the perplexing questions of "Who Is A Jew?" and what it means to be "Chosen."
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