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When corporations rule the world

In a well reasoned analysis, Korten exposes the harmful effects of economic globalisation, sets out the underlying causes of today's social, environmental and political crisis and outlines a strategy for creating localised economies
Print Book, English, 2001
Berrett-Koehler Publishers ; Kumarian Press, San Francisco, Calif., Bloomfield, Conn., 2001
xix, 384 pages ; 23 cm
9781887208048, 1887208046
Introduction : deepening crisis, cause for hope
Prologue : a personal journey
pt. I. Cowboys in a spaceship. From hope to crisis
- End of the open frontier
- The growth illusion
pt. II. Contest for sovereignty. Rise of corporate power in America
- Assault of the corporate libertarians
- Decline of democratic pluralism
- Illusions of the cloud minders
pt. III. Corporate colonialism. Dreaming of global empires
- Building elite consensus
- Buying out democracy
- Marketing the world
- Eliminating the public interest
pt. IV. A rogue financial system. The money game
- Predatory finance
- Corporate cannibalism
- Managed competition
- No place for people
pt. V. Reclaiming our power. The ecological revolution
- The good living
- Agenda for change
pt. VI. From corporate rule to civil society. Making money, growing poorer
- The living democracy movement
- A civil society
- Epilogue : a story for our time