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Words and phrases : corpus studies of lexical semantics

This book fills a gap in studies of meaning by providing detailed case studies of attested corpus data on the meanings of words and phrases. It places lexis and phraseology at the center of semantics and pragmatics. The author starts from traditional concepts of lexical semantics, including meaning as use, denotation and connotation, lexical field, sense relations, phraseology, and collocation. He also uses innovative corpus data to explore these concepts with an exciting new technology.The main chapters are detailed case studies:-- Words in collocations: the characteristic phraseology of English, and the evaluative connotations of many words, and phrases.-- Words in texts: the contribution of collocations to text cohesion, and the lexical structure of a short story.-- Words in culture: keywords in contemporary culture, and the cultural connotations of loan-words in English.Concluding chapters discuss the implications of corpus analysis for linguistic theory, especially lexico-grammar and theories of competence and performance.
Print Book, English, 2001
Blackwell Publishers, Oxford [England], 2001