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Blessings of freedom : chapters in American Jewish history

Contains 120 brief biographies from the weekly series published in the English-language "Forward" since 1997. The biographies begin with Jews in the early Americas, including those who fought for their rights in the British colonies and then in the USA. Other entries deal with New York's Mayor La Guardia, Stephen S. Wise, and the rabbis' march on Washington to call attention to the fate of Jews in Europe. Pt. 6 (pp. 109-137) is devoted to "The Fight against Anti-Semitism, " starting in 1776. It recounts discrimination against Jews, and American Jewish protests against blood libels in other countries. Pt. 7 (pp. 139-163), "Sports, " includes items about athletes who boycotted the 1936 Olympics in Berlin and those whom America did not allow to participate. Other Jewish sports figures challenged stereotypes and broke barriers. Pt. 9 (pp. 201-241), "American Zionism, the Holocaust, and the Founding of Israel, " includes items on the tragedy of the ship "St. Louis, " the role of Jewish gangsters in opposing American Nazis, Ruth Gruber's aid for refugees and her coverage of the story of the "Exodus, " as well as biographies of Ben Hecht and Arthur Szyk. (From the Bibliography of the Vidal Sassoon International Center for the Study of Antisemitism)
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