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The institutes of biblical law. v. 2. Law and society

Print Book, English, 1986, ©1982
Ross House Books, Vallecito, Calif., 1986, ©1982
xiii, 752 pages ; 24 cm
The sociology of the Sabbath
Blessing and cultural advance
The faith of Rahab
Sacrilege and the church
Sacrilege and judgment
The sacrilege of time
Sacrilege against the person
Sacrilege, holiness, and community
Grace and community
State and community
The community of the atonement
Community and crime
Community and family
Community and order
Community and faith
Community and morality
Theology and the state
Vows and oaths
The curse
Capitalization and the two basic institutions
Communion and community
Communion and culture
Community and culture
Fortune-telling, witchcraft, law and the future
Occultism and experientalism
Rebellion and occultism
Infusion and imputation
Debt and decapitalization
The laws of inheritance
Inheritance and dominion. Inheritance and possession
Inheritance, Lot, and land
Inheritance and work
Inheritance and the larger family
The laws of possession
The inheritance of freedom
The inheritance of life
The meaning of heirship
Community and heirship
Community in Christ
Sanctification and history
Law and community
God and the city
"The law shall go forth"
Indictment and community
The royal virtue
The royal virtue and the family
The function of the royal virtue
Culture and the royal virtue
The roots of the royal virtue
Taxation and the royal virtue
Expiation and power
Taxation and theft
The basis for citizenship
The princes of God
"The just shall live by faith"
The word of the king
The kingship of Christ
"The government shall be upon His shoulder"
"In the name of the Lord"
"Rich fruit"
The wilderness
The earth and the covenant
Sin and the earth
Land, holiness, and dominion
The Nazirite vow
Psychology and assurance
The keys of the kingdom
The church
Church imperialism
Kingdom courts
This is God's world
"Bring not blood upon thine house"
"Thou shalt not destroy"
"Thou shalt not stand idly by." One law
One Lord
The pattern of government
The throne of crime
One faith
Covenant freedom
The theology of taxation
The theology of family
Theology of ownership
Ownership and sonship
One baptism
The theology of the deaconate
The theology of simplicity
Social suicide
Men as dice
Inheritance and eschatology
Touch and law
Inheritance and power
Israel and dominion
God's Son, Israel
The Sabbath as inheritance
Inheritance and trusteeship
Music and the tithe
heart, law, and life
Covetousness as idolatry
Idolatry and the Sabbath
Idolatry and authority
Idolatry and the law
Idolatry and the invisible God
Idolatry and the covenant
On feeding a hungry tiger
The religion of the heart
Crime: Irrational or immoral?
The law as inheritance
Oath and treason
Treason and religion
Treason as the crime against humanity
Treason as a breach of faith
Treason and the rule of law
Oath and covenant. The myth of piecemeal religion
The failure of piecemeal religion
God's property rights
The government of property
Fantasy as law
The quest for time outside of God
Sabbath and property
The Sabbath as a principle of life
Credit and property
The principle of life
Paul's war on the antinomians
Justice and righteousness
Kenosis, law, and holiness
Covenant and law
God's Son, Israel: The typology
The Magnificat
Discretionary power?
"No condemnation"
The theory of the liberty of discretion
The heresy of perfect justice
The principle of Donatism
The ministry of obedience
The ministry of hate
Treasures and trifles
The resurrection as enthronement
Theatricals and the law
Elders and the court of appeals
Covenant and appeal
The exercise of discretion
"What doth the Lord require of thee?"
"By Him all things consist"
Sin as man's possibility
The tree of life
"Let His enemies tremble"
God's property and possession. Appendices:
The robe of glory
The head or poll tax
Phariseeism and divorce
Miscellaneous notes
Obedience and health
Incest and Lot's daughters
The law and the Pharisees
The constitutional law of privacy: Past, present, and future / Herbert W. Titus