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The Indus Valley

Provides an introduction to the Harappa people who lived in the Indus Valley thousands of years ago, describing their civilization, daily life, religious beliefs, and more
Print Book, English, ©2002
Heinemann Library, Chicago, ©2002
Juvenile works
64 pages : illustrations (some color), color maps ; 25 cm.
9781588104243, 1588104249
Who lived in the Indus Valley?
Gift of the Indus River
How do we know about the Harappans?
History in pictures and words
Early history
Harappan clothing
Family life
Growing up and going to school
What did the Harappans believe?
Festivals and rituals
Farming year
City in the Indus Valley
What do we know about their homes?
Other cities in the Indus Valley
Cooking and eating
Music and games
Crafts and craftworkers
Harappan merchants
Travel and transportation
Trade and trade routes
Best of times
What happened to the Harappan civilization?
Time live
Harappan script