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Jesse James : last rebel of the Civil War

Stripped of the familiar myths surrounding him, [in this book, Jesse] James emerges a far more significant figure: ruthless, purposeful, intensely political; a man who, in the midst of his crimes and notoriety, made himself a spokesman for the renewal of the Confederate cause during the bitter decade that followed Appomattox ... account of his life, he emerges as far more complicated. Raised in a fiercely pro-slavery atmosphere in bitterly divided Missouri, he began at sixteen to fight alongside some of the most savage Confederate guerrillas. When the Civil War ended, his violent path led him into the brutal conflicts of Reconstruction. [The reader] follow[s] James as he places himself squarely in the forefront of the former Confederates' bid to capture political power with his reckless daring, his visibility, his partisan pronouncements, and his alliance with a rising ex-Confederate editor, John Newman Edwards, who helped shape James's image for their common purpose. In uniting violence and the news media on behalf of a political cause, James was hardly the quaint figure of legend. Rather, as his life played out across the racial divide, the rise of the Klan, and the expansion of the railroads, he was a forerunner of what we have come to call a terrorist.-Dust jacket
Print Book, English, 2002
A.A. Knopf, New York, 2002
xiii, 510 pages, 8 unnumbered pages of plates : illustrations, maps ; 25 cm
9780375405839, 9780224069250, 9780375705588, 0375405836, 022406925X, 0375705589
pt. 1: Zion, 1842-1860. The preacher ; The widow ; The slaves
pt. 2: Fire, 1861-1865. Rebels ; Neighbors ; Terror ; Horror ; Exile
pt. 3: Defiance, 1865-1876. A year of bitterness ; The guerrillas return ; The death of Captain Sheets ; The chivalry of crime ; Invisible empires ; Allies and enemies ; The persistence of civil war ; Ambition ; Anabasis
pt. 4: Fate, 1876-1882. Resurrection ; Assassins ; Apotheosis