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Shakespeare survey. Vol. 27, Shakespeare's early tragedies

Print Book, English, 2002
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2002
Criticism, interpretation, etc
213 pages
9780521523646, 9780521523950, 0521523648, 0521523958
List of plates
1. Shakespeare's earliest tragedies: Titus Andronicus and Romeo and Juliet G. K. Hunter
2. The aesthetics of mutilation in Titus Andronicus Albert H. Tricomi
3. The motif of psychic division in Richard III William B. Toole
4. The antic disposition of Richard II Lois Potter
5. The Prince of Denmark and Claudius's Court Juliet McLauchlan
6. Hamlet and the Moriae Encomium Frank McCombie
7. The relation of Henry V to Tamburlaine Roy Battenhouse
8. Shakespeare and the Puritan dynamic Harold Fisch
9. Equity, The Merchant of Venice and William Lambarde W. Nicholas Knight
10. 'Love's labour's won' and the occasion of 'Much Ado' Robert F. Fleissner
11. The date and production of Timon reconsidered James C. Bulman, Jr
12. Shakespeare, Her Majesty's Players, and Pembroke's Men G. M. Pinciss
13. Judi Dench talks to Gareth Lloyd Evans
14. Shakespeare straight and crooked: a review of the 1973 Season at Stratford Peter Thomson
15. The year's contributions to Shakespearian study D. J. Palmer, Nigel Alexander and Richard Proudfoot
Originally published: 1974
Includes index