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The video game theory reader

In the early days of Pong and Pac Man, video games appeared to be little more than an idle pastime. Today, video games make up a multi-billion dollar industry that rivals television and film. The Video game theory reader brings together exciting new work on the many ways video games are reshaping the face of entertainment and our relationship with technology. Drawing upon examples from widely popular games ranging from Space Invaders to Final Fantasy IX and Combat Flight Simulator 2, the contributors discuss the relationship between video games and other media; the shift from third- to first-person games; gamers and the gaming community; and the important sociological, cultural, industrial, and economic issues that surround gaming. The Video game theory reader is the essential introduction to a fascinating and rapidly expanding new field of media studies
Print Book, English, 2003
Routledge, New York, 2003
Video games
xxii, 343 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
9780415965781, 9780415965798, 9780415962827, 9780415962834, 9780203887660, 0415965780, 0415965799, 0203887662, 041596282X, 0415962838
Warren Robinett
Mark J. P Wolf and Bernard Perron
1. Theory by Design25(22)
Walter Holland, Henry Jenkins, and Kurt Squire
2. Abstraction in the Video Game47(20)
Mark J. P. Wolf
3. Immersion, Engagement, and Presence: A Method for Analyzing 3-D Video Games67(20)
Alison McMahan
4. Hyperidentities: Postmodern Identity Patterns in Massively Multiplager Online Role-Playing Games87(16)
Miroslaw Filiciak
5. Playing at Being: Psychoanalysis and the Avatar103(26)
Bob Rehak
6. Stories for Eye, Ear, and Muscles: Video Games, Media, and Embodied Experiences129(28)
Torben Grodal
7. As We Become Machines: Corporealized Pleasures in Video Games157(14)
Martti Lahti
8. Hot Dates and Fairy-Tale Romances: Studying Sexuality in Video Games171(24)
Mia Consalvo
9. Video Games and Configurative Performances195(26)
Markku Eskelinen and Ragnhild Tronstad
10. Simulation versus Narrative: Introduction to Ludology221(16)
Gonzalo Frasca
11. From Gamers to Players and Gameplayers: The Example of Interactive Movies237(22)
Bernard Perron
12. Interactive Storytelling259(16)
Chris Crawford
13. Gametime: History, Narrative, and Temporality in Combat Flight Simulator 2275(28)
Patrick Crogan
Appendix. Home Video Game Systems: The First Thirty Years (1972-2001)303(12)
Mark J. P. Wolf, Bernard Perron, and David Winter
About the Contributors327(6)
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