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Homeschooling and the voyage of self-discovery : a journey of original seeking

Are children empty boxes into which we pour knowledge and wisdom? Or are they naturally predisposed to acquire these things? David H. Albert presents a collection of articles laden with gems, -including the single most important lesson to teach a child. -Topics include: How children learn to read. "Perfection" -- Why children are perfectionists and how to respond. How to encourage your child to seek greater challenges and achievements. Teens and what to do about them. Why the testing is destroying our schools. "Once again David Albert applies his genius to children." -- John Gatto, -author of the bestseller, Dumbing Us Down
Print Book, English, ©2003
Common Courage Press, Monroe, Me., ©2003
xii, 255 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
9781567512328, 9781567512335, 1567512321, 156751233X
Distinguished visitors
Original seeking and the voyage of self-discovery
Unlearning all the time
The code cracker and the information hound
A travel excursion of the mind
Dodge ball
ADTD (No, it's not a typo)
Learning about learning: conversations with my violin
Life companions
The Oxford secret
Flow I, "Don't worry, be happy"
Testing, 1-2-3
Buy nothing!
Social studies
The courage of our questions: I A curriculum on a plate ; II A question in the car ; III Embracing the song of the world
Armand Berliner
Flow II, The teenage edition
The success of public education
On forgiveness
The violin bow