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Arts and culture

A series of essays analyzing questions or dilemmas relating to social issues
Print Book, English, ©2003
Grolier, Danbury, Conn., ©2003
232 pages : illustrations (some color) ; 25 cm.
9780717257591, 0717257592
The role of the arts. Does our art really matter? / Michael Wells ; Does our art really matter? / Christopher Stout ; Fostering Creativity
a balancing act / Kathryn Stout ; Egyptian village tapestries : the Wissa Wassef experiment / Marla Mallett ; Dispelling myths about national support for the arts and culture / The American Arts Alliance ; Show me the Monet! Why not privatize the arts? / The Mackinac Center for Public Policy ; Artistic freedom / American Civil Liberties Union ; When censorship is necessary / Tom Jackson ; Sensation : art and censorship ; Walt's world : a reader's guide to 'Disneyfication' / The news internationalist ; Globalisation and culture : not simply the West versus the rest / Peter Berger ; Political correctness / Philip Atkinson ; PC or not PC : that is the question? / Adam Dalton ; Regional reports -destruction of southeast Asia's past through looting / Rasmi Shoocongdef ; The Elgin Marbles should stay / Alan Howarth ; The arts' benefit to business
a businessman talks to his colleagues / Richard Pratt ; The new industrial art / Alex Good ; Using visual aids. What is art?. Classical music fans may have more brains / Melinda Bargreen ; They want us to choose between the Beatles and Beethoven. Can't we have both? / Melvyn Bragg ; Rap
Art / Sonia Aros ; Don't reward thug who uses music as knife / DeWayne Wickham ; Pornography as art / David D. Robbins ; Pornography, obscenity, and the case for censorship / Irving Kristol
The influence of the arts. How the arts contribute to education / Kent Seidel ; The arts and academic improvement : what the evidence shows / Ellen Winner and Lois Hetland (eds.) ; American History X / Jeffrey Huston ; American history X / The Warden ; Leni Riefenstahl : art and politics ; The fuhrer's buildings / Albert Speer ; Hollywood blacklist / Dan Georgakas ; The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) ; Responsibility / Mike Crowl ; Columbine : whose fault is it? / Marilyn Manson ; The social impact of music violence: Testimony of the American Academy of Pediatrics on the social impact of music violence before the Senate Committee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring and the District of Columbia / Frank Palumbo ; Popular music under siege / American Civil Liberties Union