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William Warder Cadbury papers, 1877-1951

The papers of William Warder Cadbury consist of correspondence in the period 1908-1950, documents relating to Cadbury's organizational affiliations, photographs and material written by and about Cadbury. Cadbury's principal correspondent was Elizabeth B. Jones. Other correspondents include: Rufus Jones, Thomas Wistar, Jr., S.C. Chen and James Henry. Cadbury writes about his desire to become a China medical missionary in 1908 and his interest in founding a Christian medical school in China, his impact teaching Christianity to Chinese students at Canton Christian College (later Lingnan University), as well as his life and work in China and Japan's war on China; the work of his wife, Catherine Cadbury, supervising many local schools; reference to his internment by the Japanese army, and the liberation of Canton in 1949; the orphans of Canton. There is a book of notes prepared by William Warder Cadbury for a course on comparative religion and published letters and other material by and about Cadbury as well as photographs, especially those depicting Cadbury from infancy to old age. Finally, there are documents produced by and about organizations with which Cadbury was involved in the period 1923-51, including Canton Hospital, Canton International Red Cross, Direct China Relief Incorporated, Kwangtung International Relief Committee, Canton Committee for Justice to China and the China Medical Missionary Association
Archival Material, English, 1877