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Ancient Greek religion

"Ancient Greek Religion provides an introduction to the fundamental beliefs and practices and the major deities of Greek religion. While the focus is on Athens in the classical period, the book includes detailed discussion of Greek gods and heroes, myth and cult from the archaic age to the Hellenistic world. The book clearly sets out the fascinating but alien concepts of Greek polytheism, building up a picture of Greek religion as it was actually practiced. It emphasizes the experience of worshippers, considering Greek religious practice from a variety of perspectives -- from that of the slave and members of the family, to that of priests and public officials. It examines views of the gods and the afterlife, the relationship between cult and myth, the nature of piety and impiety, and the wider social and political context in which religion functioned. Throughout the book, vivid descriptions of actual sanctuaries and practices, the inclusion of ancient texts in translation, and the use of abundant illustrations recreate the rich and varied religious life of ancient Greece. Book jacket."--Jacket
Print Book, English, 2005
Blackwell Pub., Malden, MA, 2005