Front cover image for Walking for fitness : the low-impact workout that tones and shapes

Walking for fitness : the low-impact workout that tones and shapes

Explains how readers can obtain maximum fitness results at their own pace and in their own time, demonstrating how to use walking to tone the body, strengthen bones and muscles, lose weight, and enhance overall fitness and quality of life
Print Book, English, 2003
1st American ed View all formats and editions
DK Pub., New York, 2003
160 pages : color illustrations ; 24 cm
9780789496935, 0789496933
Author's forward
The power of walking
What is power walking?
Why power walk?
Getting started
The right shoes for you
What to wear
Basic equipment
Start walking
How fit are you?
Setting your stride
Planning your route
Posture and breathing
Power legs and feet
Power arms
Putting it all together
Common mistakes
Stretch and strengthen
Why stretch and strengthen?
Upper body stretches
Lower body stretches
Full body stretches
Before and after walking
Warm up and cool down
Stretch and strengthen plan
Inner strength, outer power
The power of breath
Think positive
Meeting the challenge
Meditate on you feet
Healthy eating
Vitamins and minerals
Foods for fitness
Walking for you
Fit walking into your day
One, two, three or more
Walking to lose weight
Walking and pregnancy
Walking with children
Walking for charities
Competitive walking
Out and about
Road walking
Trail walking
Walking in different climates
Caring for your body
Be body aware
Massage your feet
Staying injury-free
Training programs
Short distance
Weight loss
Useful resource
Walking log
Includes index