Front cover image for The fixer : a story from Sarajevo

The fixer : a story from Sarajevo

Joe Sacco
"How much does the nightly news cost? A carton of cigarettes maybe, or a pair of Levis. When shells are falling and Western journalism is the only game left in town "fixers" are the people who find war correspondents the human tragedies that make news editors happy. It's a dangerous occupation, a little amoral and a lot desperate." "Joe Sacco goes behind the scene of war correspondents to reveal the anatomy of front-line news gathering. He begins by returning us to the the dying days of the Balkan conflict and introducing a man looking to squeeze the last bit of profit from Bosnia before the reconstruction begins. Thanks to a complex relationship with the fixer, Joe discovers the crimes of opportunistic warlords and gangsters who run the countryside in times of war. Almost seven years later, Joe meets up with the fixer again and discovers how the Bosnian government has "dealt" with these criminals."--Page 4 cover
Print Book, English, 2003
Drawn & Quarterly, Montréal, 2003